from 2003 and 2004
 A Weekly Cyberlog

It’s time for me to get on the road again–for five consecutive months of roaming, searching,
interviewing, writing, and filming.  I have only missed one “summer” in the last nine years,
and that was due to bad weather.  I am looking forward to discovering the up-to-date
survival tactics of undetectable homeless people.  I have discussed the reasons for my main
focus: women.  The bottom line is that men easily reveal their attempts at anonymity while
women are more capable of maintaining proper appearance, composure, and mobility (or
lack of it!) in polite society.

In my last Cyberlog, I explained that I have “been there, done that,” so that I notice the clues
which lead me to meet a woman living out of the vehicle which she calls “home.”  Women
may also find alternative housing in places one does not attach to the word “dwelling”: an
empty store in an almost abandoned strip mall (or even one in an enclosed mall); a side-
tracked railroad car; garages of seasonally vacant homes (and occasionally within, as in a
guest house); or even an accessible cemetery crypt.

I won’t disclose exactly where in the United States I’ll be traveling now, but will do so when I
return.  I don’t want to take the chance that someone will be following me.  I stop often to
wander around, and any person with nothing else to do but pursue curiosity–or has read this
column–could ruin my strategies.

There are several areas which become a focus for my attention: highway rest areas; large
libraries; enclosed and strip malls; expensive department stores; upscale hotels; towns and
rural areas with mainly seasonal homes; and other boondocking locations.  (Boondocking
means free parking with little chance of being noticeable.)

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