"I wanna go home with the Armadillos"

"Dead Armadillo at the side of the road
with a smile of his face that he never never knowed...
he was a dead Armadillo."
Back in prehistoric time the Armadillo was much bigger.
He roots tin the soil for Grubs, insects, beatles and ants.
Austin, Texas Armadillos like lone star beer and burritos.

Thousands of years past...millions even he roamed the earth.
The medieval armor it wears has helped it to survive
55 million changing years.
A knights armor.
They were friends of the Azetcs of Mexico.
the ancient Mayan left stories about armadillos.
That is before chevy trucks and Gary P. Nunn writing songs about them
Or, before Jim Franklin drew any pictures of them,
Even before Eddie Wilson named a club after them...
Damn that was prehistoric.
Xenarthra her ancient name, and they can walk under water.
They die on the highways and in labs from leprosy...

Lolly Pop Sam races them at the Women's chili Cookoff...