the paleo...far back during times of past
seas and volcanoes mixing to form land
large beasts swimming the warm seas
while cold winds from the North blow down
volcanoes erupt and create new land masses
and move the sea further and ruther
by the shear volcanic eruption
change took place and time was as the wind
maybe there were men
maybe there were only insects
maybe just plants and sea life
the oceans went far and left the land fertile
and rich from the lava dn ash mixed
with the death of a sea
seeds floated upon the shores
and rode down on the rivers
and blew in the wind
sharp and clear was the Balcones Fault
beautiful were the clear icy waters of springs
life began to grow and a green hue
began to cover the land
life was in creation
plants and life were beginning to grow and give
to the new earthly form
then came more life to survive off the new land
animals roamed and multiplied
great mastodons
birds came in flocks from other parts of the world
prehistoric man came to live in this beauty
for untold centuries
then came people from Europe
now we cover the remains in cement