Dedicated to the spirit of Barton Springs
and the untold stories of our days past...

These writing that make up From Armadillos to Mastodons came from my desire to
do some "digging"...for the story that I relate here was not easy to find, all seemed so
hidden and spirit like.  so many stories yet untold.

This work came from inspiration, from trips to the archives and museums, from walks
along the waterways of the Texas Hill Country and from talks with the experts.

I am not saying that all this is true.  There is so little in print to back up my story.
There are still many people who do not want the stories of the past told.  To find the
story I had to search hard.  I put my ear to the ground and listened, I walked by the
streams and springs and listened.

We must all walk and dig upon the past with care.  if we want a complete understands
of the past history of man we must realize the importance of a careful and scientific
study of artifact, and especially the envirnoment where these remains from our past
are found.  we must practice archeology conservation.  The days of archeology are
young.  The documents of the past are few, yet the story is forever and great.  We
need to take care of the remaining picture to get a clear look at the history of our

As we read in the press about the Mastodons being dug up on Congress Ave.  in
Austin, Texas, and the Leanderthal Lady just north of Austin, which may be one of
the oldest digs in this hemisphere...we begin to wonder at who has lived here on the
banks of our rivers and on the land that we build and expand, that wonder may help
take us to the truth.   The story must be told.

Benford E. Standley
Austin, Texas


© 1978-01 Benford E. Standley
All Rights Reserved.