The events in our lives happen in a sequence in time,
but in their significant to ourselves, they find their own
order...the continuous thread of revelation.   Eudora Welty

Two deal have fallen though.  I have put wood on the party fire to hide from the business
problems that I am having.  The disappointments or deals gone bad after all the work
and all the lawyers.  You work for months and months to find a work for months
and months to close a deal, then you work for months and months to get it a done deal,
then even when the deal is made, the lawyers all agree, you sign then deal and even
get still don't have a deal.  The word is no good, the deals the lawyers
draw up are no good, you shake hands and it is still no good.

“It is hard to say whether the doctors of law or of divinity have made the greater
advances in the lucrative business of mystery.”  -- Samuel Goldwyn

The ranch house in the Hills of Beverly makes for a good hide out...I had car trouble at
one point and just decided to leave the old car in the drive and went five of six months
without a car.  I was doing my cash receipts and noticed that my stack of receipts for
valet parking, parking lot receipts, parking tickets for a few months were more than my
gas God it was costing me more to park my car than to keep it running...I
figured I could take cabs, pay pretty girls to drive me around and a limo here and
there cheaper than it cost to keep a car running in LA...As I mentioned I was in walking
distance to all the local clubs and Gilberts Liquor store, and had Hamburger Hamlet
for meeting if I needed, but with such a great house I did not need to leave the property.

Wavy Gravy said, "The 90's are just the 60's turned upside-down."

Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs,
Being purged, a fire sparkling in lover's eyes,
Being vexed, a sea nourished with lover's tears,
What is it else?
A madness, most discreet,
A choking gall, and a preserved sweet.


Death as a Passion Play

World-wide an estimated 330 million people per 
year are affected by a venereal disease. The most 
widespread are trichomonas with 120 million, 
followed by chlamydia at 50 million and gonorrhoea 
at 25 million affected persons. The number of HIV
infected persons is estimated today at 42 million. 
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), once called 
venereal diseases, are among the most common
infectious diseases in the United States today. 
More than 20 STDs have now been identified, and 
they affect more than 13 million men and women in
this country each year. The annual comprehensive 
cost of STDs in the United States is estimated to
be well in excess of $10 billion.  Love is going bad...
Seems every day that there is some story on venereal disease.  Especially in the cities of the United
States.  HPV-16 virus in women is sexually transmitted and responsible for 70% of all cervical cancers
and 90% of genital herpes.  HPV virus also plays a roll in several cancers of genitals, anus, head and neck.
There are more than 20 strains of HPV and all transmitted sexually, says USA Today.  Says it causes the
2nd most lethal cancer in women, not the most common sexually transmitted disease in the US.  Some
strains are thought to cause genital warts.

Then I see story on fact that in LA one in five women have herpes virus...AIDS is now taking more and more
women's lives, and the story after story of all the different sexual diseases...stories of how heptitus is killing
more and more women and is sexual transmitted...warts are epidemic in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago,
San Francisco...God dear God...what do we do with passion and love...where do we find human touch.  Now
in these times with so many lonely and looking and having sex in that endless search for their soul mates?

Here let me stick my loaded gun
in your mouth and between your legs
Blow out your love light
The world is spinning crazy honey and I need love
I could die for your love
Kill me with your passion
I drive my hard shaft deep in your needs
Leaves me with fear on my mind
Leaves you with fear on your mind

Take away the lust
Satisfy my want to leave this earth
In the etcasy of a passion game
called love and death

Epidemics, which have existed throughout history, attract attention and cause alarm because of their scope
and destructiveness but also because they come and go, often unpredictably. Even today, an outbreak of
Ebola hemorrhagic fever, which may result in several dozen deaths, generates far more attention than malaria,
which remains endemic in many parts of the world and kills hundreds of thousands of people a year. In the
past, when the causes of disease were poorly understood, epidemics frequently caused enormous alarm and
were often blamed on unpopular social groups or even on the sufferers themselves.   I think because of desire
and the passion and need for SEX in the United States we deny many of the sexual diseases and just go
about following our blind passions and call it love.  But, "what's love got to do with it?"

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Life in this century is like a parachute jump:
you have to get it right the first time.   Margaret Mead

A lawyer finds out he has an inoperable brain tumor. It's so large, they have to do a brain
transplant. His doctor gives him a choice of available brains. There's a jar of rocket scientist
brains for $10 an ounce, a jar of regular scientist brains for $15 an ounce, and a jar of lawyer
brains for the sum of $800 an ounce. The outraged lawyer says, "This is a ripoff! How come
the lawyer brains are so damned expensive?" The doctor replies, "Do you know how many
lawyers it takes to get an ounce of brains?"

The parties continue...I am having a hard time wanting to take the projects back out in
the market place.  The past 5 years of deals gone south is making it hard to have much
faith.  I am writing and working on some show ideas.  The party life is a full time job
right now...seeing a list of ladies...sometimes two come over on a night...sometimes
a Friday night party will last till is running out.  All deals gone south...

The single world of the Sunset Strip is as wild as you can imagine.  The women are
beautiful and to watch them in LA black dance on the dance floor is sensual and
flowing...the techno beat throbs and they dirty dance with each other, then they turn
to you and you smell their home the two girls continue their sexual
dance in bed and you experiences pure fantasy in the sweetness of sexual exploration.

The Strip, the velvet ropes and the tall guys with clip boards and long lines of the
pretty people dressed to kill.  At 9 to 10 p.m. not a soul, folks don't go out till 11.  If
you are not on the VIP list you better look hot.  The girls that look good walk in if they
smile just right at the velvet rope boys.  These guys act like they are body guards for
Frank Sinatra.  Wonder if they make minimum wage?  Funny that you stand in this
line thinking the club is packed, then when you get in the club there were more people
in line than are inside.  They create the illusion that the place is hot...and it is like a
advertisement to have a line of hot people standing outside the velvet rope.

I work the phones and work on writing more.  Have a project on the history of an ancient
tribe that lived around Austin, Texas.  Writing more on SOME RAN EAST...SOME
RAN WEST: They Are All Running Around in the Cuckoo's Nest. Anytime I can
I  study more about CD-Rom and multimedia.  I am applying the new things I am
learning about multimedia to Kicking Up Dust.  Finding new contacts with movie cow-
boys.  Have the pleasure to meet Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.  Buck Page is coming
over often and bringing his guitar to our parties.

During these times I remember I met a guy that says he is a lawyer and graduated
from Harvard.  He had some books that he said he had options on and had contacts
to backers.  I introduced him to my partner Thom Steinbeck and our lawyer friend...
(sounds and friend in same sentence) Phillip Rosen.  He begins to make
pitches to them, they go into more meetings and a deal.  Then he totally disappears.
We later find out he did not go to Harvard and was not even a lawyer.  In fact, he had
been in a mental hospital before coming to Hollywood.  He had us all sold...

Q: Why won't vultures eat dead lawyers?
A: There are some things that would gag even a vulture.

I have done a rewrite on my book about the
original tribes that lived in the Texas Hill in the ranch in the Hills of 
Beverly I had room to spread my projects
out on the floors of the vacant bedrooms.


Time to go to Las Vegas again for a 
Greatful Dead show.  I had the idea
to produce a show and wanted to do
a vending fair on the Las Vegas strip.
All the people to get permits from 
said...nope, never been done.  NO 

With time and talks and back from
one office to the next...I got the 5
permits that we needed and did the

Click here to see enlargement
of the wild week of Yipi-tie-die-O

The real genius behind the Beat movement in literature never published a book during his life.
He appeared as a main character in many books, though, from 'Go' by John Clellon Holmes to
'On The Road' by Jack Kerouac to 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test' by Tom Wolfe.  His
free-flowing letter writing style inspired the young Kerouac to break his ties to the sentimental
style he'd picked up from Thomas Wolfe and invent his notion of 'spontaneous prose.' Without
Neal Cassady, the Beat Generation would never have happened.

In the 1960's, as Kerouac withdrew into alcoholism and early middle-age, Cassady began an
entirely new series of road adventures, this time with young novelist Ken Kesey in Jack
Kerouac's place. When Kesey organized a trip to the New York World's Fair in a psychedelic
bus named 'Furthur,' Neal Cassady was the madman behind the wheel.

In the spirit of Kerouac and Kesey we loaded in
a van...Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas style
loaded with pretty girls, spirits and drugs and
headed for sin city. 

xxxxxKen Kesey

Ken Kesey is for sure one of the fathers of the "Counterculture" of the 1960s.  Kesey wrote the best
selling novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which was published in 1962.  In July of 1964 Kesey
and a group of his friends loaded up in a 1939 International Harvester school bus, "That they had painted
fully psychedelic and equipped with sound systems, platforms on top and, added to the rear, turrets to
climb up and down from the top platform, a windshield on top to break the wind and a generator on the
back to power their equipment. The word "Further" was painted on the destination shield to show their
confidence in the old bus. They recruited Neal Cassady (from Jack Kerouac's On The Road) to be the
driver of Further," as described by Levi Asher.

They were known as The Pranksters and their journey inspired Tom Wolf to write 'The Electric Kool-Aid
Acid Test'  about this journey.  It was on this journey that Timothy Leary the prophet of LSD was part
of the fun.  Ken Kesey prior years had volunteered at Menlo Park VA Hospital in a government-
sponsored program to study the effects of hallucinogenic.  During these experiments he was taking
some of the best LSD made by the US government labs.

Kesey also wrote "Sometimes A Great Notion,"  he later published "the Further Inquiry," a screen play
with many photos from the bus trip which Kesey, Cassady and others.   During a part-time orderly job at
the psychiatric ward of the local VA hospital, while still feeling the effects of these chemicals, he began
to have hallucinations. He envisioned an Indian sweeping the floors; it was just what had been missing for
his current writing project. His new novel needed a narrator to keep the story in third person and "Chief
Broom" became the vital ingredient for his new novel, "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest."

The pranksters began to organize "Happenings" at local halls, with sound effects, wild  light shows,
film, costumes, strobes, poetry and music.   A local struggling band  known as the "Warlocks" played
their Psychedelic-Sound, they would later become the Grateful Dead. This bohemian community lived
in a placed called Perry Lane.  Parties were known for certain chemicals that were being put into the
punch.  Eventually the government decided to make LSD illegal and Ken and the Pranksters ran off to
Mexico.  They came back to the U.S. to do a performance called the "Acid Test Graduation," Ken and
a few others were busted on a 420. After jail, Ken moved to a farm in Pleasant Hill, Oregon and
settled down.           By Buffalo Benford


The universe will reward you for taking risks on its behalf.   Shakti Gawain

The late astronomer and author Carl Sagan was a secret but avid
marijuana smoker, crediting it with inspiring essays and scientific
insight, according to Sagan's biographer.  Using the pseudonym "Mr. X",
Sagan wrote about his pot smoking in an essay published in the 1971
book Reconsidering Marijuana. The book's editor. Lester Grinspoon,
recently disclosed the secret to Sagan's biographer. Keay Davidson.
Davidson, a writer for the San Francisco Examiner, revealed the
marijuana use in an article published in the newspaper's magazine.

"I find that today a single joint is enough to get me high one movie
theater recently I found I could get high just by inhaling the cannabis
smoke which permeated the theater," wrote Sagan, who authored popular
science books such as Cosmos, Contact and The Dragons of Eden. In the
essay, Sagan said marijuana inspired some of his intellectual work.

Yep, I am an old hippie country music outlaw okie, that was raised in the same hills of
Texas that Willie Nelson grew up...They say if you remember the sixties you weren't
there...and I did Willie says, "I didn't come here, and I ain' leavin'."  Jimmie
Buffet said somebody told me I'm in town tonight."  And from the People's Guide to
Mexico..."Where ever you go...there you are."


The fifties has set the stage for rebellion. The youth of post war America, whose identity was characterized
by bras, flat-top military haircuts, girdles, bobby socks, and backyard bomb shelters was ready to explode.
Then came the payola scandals in Rock n’ Roll. As the decade came to a close the noose around the
young culture was drawn tighter.

Elvis was drafted into the army, Chuck Berry and Allan Freed, the man who coined the word Rock N’
Roll, were both put into prison, Little Richard had become a preacher, Eddie Cochran had died in a auto
wreck and then "The day the music died"...Buddy Holley died in a plane crash with The Big Bopper and
Riche Vallens. It was 40 years ago this year...FLASHBACK.

Billboard Magazine reports on the new movement of "folknicks", a young Bob Dylan is playing his first
concerts...the times they are a changin’. Some saw rock n’ roll as dead, while Polaris missiles are being
fired, satellites launched, Doo-Wop music and the twist set the beat...Dion, Pat Boone’s "White Sport
Coats and Pink Carnations" are the order of the day...underground Bohemian ripples are beginning to
cause waves.

A producer named Spector starts a record label and Dick Clark’s "Caravan of Stars" is setting a stage.
In Europe a British Invasion is a seedling growing in Liverpool England. Kennedy is inaugurated. John
Glenn orbits Earth and Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring. Janis Joplin is still in Texas and the
CIA is experimenting with LSD.

Flowers are beginning to be worn around San Francisco and around Stanford University inner space is
opening up as is outer space. Elvis is on the charts again. Then in 1963, the year before the Beatles
blitz America an American President is shot in the streets of a Texas town.

The Beach Boys and Motown is how America defines Rock N’ Roll, but underground something more
than a "fad" was bubbling...the "folk" movement and their "hootenannys" were singing of radical political
beliefs...soon,things would change again forever.

Before the decade of the sixties was half over the Beatles would invade America and America would
invade Vietnam, while Ken Kesey and his merry Pranksters loaded in a psychedelic painted 1939
International Harverster  school bus and blasted out of their minds and high on the times went on the
road, Jack Kerouack and Neal Cassady style.  We remember the beat writers like Allen Ginsberg
William Borroughs, Kerouack and Cassady.

In Los Angeles a band called the Byrds had formed and the Warren Commission declares that Oswald
acted alone. Steven Stills says,

"Something is happenin’ here, what it is isn’t exactly clear"

The establishment and the revolutionaries, war and peace. Between the generations there is a gap,
everwideing and escalating. Joan Baez speaks forth and rock becomes art and a statement made by an
entire counter culture, from the old world across the sea to the new.

The SUMMER OF LOVE 1967, began early in the year with a "Human Be-in" staged in Golden
Gate Park in San Francisco, it was called a "Gathering of the Tribes", all the National press coverage
marked a beginning.

Then in June the Monterey Pop Festival took a counter culture and their music to the world, that same
month theBeatles released, SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND and there
was a paradigm shift of the youth...psychedelic went around the world...rock music was changing and
creating a new nation. After the Summer of Love America’s youth would never be the same.

"In The Year 2525" topped the charts as Senator Ted Kennedy drives off a bridge at Chappaquiddick.
Richard Nixon is inaugrated as a nation begins a "bum trip". A young fan is killed at Altamont while the
Rolling Stones rock n’ roll, and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" ask, "Who are those guys"...Jerry
Garcia forms the New Riders of the Purple Sage.

Buffalo Benford at the corner of Height and Ashburry

The world today doesn't make sense,
so why should I paint pictures that do?
Pablo Picasso