Jeraldine Saunders

Love Boats

"...from young Lotharios to smooth-talking salesmen, from would-be
Valentinos to lady passerngers young and old who come to have their
palms all of us they are vulnerable when it comes to Love.
This is as it has been since the beginning of time, but especially so on the
'Love Boats'."

Sydney Omarr world-renowned astrologer

When the giant turbines and propellers start to churn though the water, something inside of you revs up too.
Twelve miles out from shore the laws of the land no longer apply, and as you inhale the salty ocean air you
get your first intoxicating whiff of the possibilities that await--not just at exotic ports of call but on the decks
of the ship itself....

Jeraldine Saunders has ridden the waves and determeined the destinits of cruise ship passangers for more
than two decades.  Her book about her job as a cruise director launched a hit television series and single-
handedly rescued a sinking cruise ship industry.  Recently, legendary entrepreneur Peter Uberroth called
Jeraldine the "patron saint" of cruising, having increased the business by 3,000 percent!

Here is Jeraldine's hilarious--and sometimes heartbreaking--true-life story, updated with new tales of the
sea's seductive magic.  So hop on, toss your inhibitions overboard, and get ready for the time of your life--
on the real Love Boats!

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The original Love Boat Cruise Director, Jeraldine Saunders is known world-wide for her books,
lectures, and civic activities. She has published eleven books, and has appeared on Good Morning,
America, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, and more than 850 other TV and radio talk shows all over
the world. She serves as National Spokesperson for the Hypoglycemia Foundation of America,
and is affiliated with the American Federation of Astrologers; Poets, Essayists, and Novelists (PEN);
Film Welfare League; Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists;
Academy of Television Arts & Science; and the International College of Applied Nutrition. Jeraldine
also lectures worldwide on astrology, graphology, numerology, palmistry, and face-reading. THE
LOVE BOATS is an autobiographical account of Jeraldine's years as a hostess, then cruise director
aboard several posh luxury ships. After a career as a couturier model, Jeraldine took a job lecturing
on astrology, motivation, and the Four Seasons color concept on cruise ships before becoming the
industry's first female Cruise Director. She turned this decade-long experience into a book, then later
parlayed that into a television series, THE LOVE BOAT, currently in syndication in over 110 countries.

Original cast of Love Boat

Original book cover


Love Boatsis the book that was single-handedly responsible for the
boom in the cruise industry.  In her new, expanded edition, Jeraldine
Saunders tells you again the true tales of love and hate, sex and 
silliness, greed and generosity, beauties and beasts, and Bali Hai 
and Shangri-La.  The book is the real-life stroy of the creator of 
The Love BoatsTV series, whose name is synonymous with 
bringing romance to the high seas...

"Saunders is a woman of Beverly Hills presence, Fifth 
Avenue style, and a Main Street sense of what titillates."
Paul Dean, Los Angeles Times
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