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on yet another night with Count Smokula and Shelley Michelle

Beauty introduces beauty

Tiffany and Esmaralda

Shelley introduces Holly and asked
her a few questions for the judges

The Count introduces Tiffany 

What could be better than the most
famous body double in the world 

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Count says, "Ya know folks I keep saying
they are all winners and perfect tens to me...

My Devil, this is my job?

Tane McClure sings some in the VIP
room, where fun continues 

Tiffany Tirado

The cameras start shooting
Holly before she even gets 
out of the dressing room.  Wow!!

More of Holly on the 
next page...see ya there.

Check out the Count and
Doria at the LA Music
Awards at the House of Blues


Count joins past Perfect 10 winners
Esmaralda, Victoria and Michelle

Publist Ann Dandridger is
back in the VIP room, Ann
a great stable of artist, which
includes Holly to the right.



perfect 10

perfect 10



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