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The Century Club in Century City
another backstage look from the




Playmate Antoinette
Abbott hosts 


Producer for the night
Curtis Johnson

To some of the hottest and top websites on

the World Wide Web that hook ya up, make

friends, find a date, chat, cams and more... 

Right Louis Lombardi from the Emmy
Award winning Sopranaos.  Behind 
him is Zippy the bodygaurd and
Ron Hilton to the left.

Desiree , Jennifer Smith and
host Antoinette Abbott

Kelly Crystal Quann

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Heather Betts

Sweet Francine
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qqand the winner is Desiree


The hot Desiree and Jenniferd

dance and dance and...


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click to go
to Wet T-shirt contest 
(R rated)
no children please
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