Michelle Niemiec

Michelle Niemiec Exhibits More Than Just Model Behavior. She’s
Using Her Beauty and Brains to Help Other Models Make it in the Industry

Chicago, Illinois (February 21, 2008) - Model Michelle Niemiec is a small town girl
fulfilling her big time dreams. From commercial, to print modeling, Michelle has always
enjoyed modeling in different sectors of the business. Her determination and passion for
the spot light has led her to some impressive beginnings. But she’s not just about beauty.
Her wisdom definitely takes center stage on any runway or magazine. Packaged in her
model stature is a mission of sincere support and concern for women young and old who
aspire for this glamorous life as a professional model. Her calling is to help models new
and established to be fully aware of the not-so-glamorous side of the industry. With so
much media attention around fashion, beauty and reality television, Michelle is making it a
point to share advice, tips and pitfalls to avoid with other women yearning for the spot light
as a model.

Joining forces with organizations to help aspiring models in the industry, Michelle Niemiec
is taking time on and off the job to give her support and share her story of resilience and
determination. “Even after networking with people in the industry through modeling,
websites, and jobs, nobody really ever offered to help me out and explain the realities of
the business.” Niemiec states. “I always take the opportunity to help new or aspiring
models. Whenever I see young girls on modeling websites who have no clue about the
industry, I offer to help them by giving them advice.” Her role as a supporter to aspiring
and emerging models is shaped by her own personal challenges she had to face in the
industry. She knows how difficult it is to begin a career in the modeling industry.
Michelle’s desire is to work closely with associations that are informative and educational
for aspiring models and fashion industry professionals.

More than just a pretty face in the modeling industry, Niemiec is pursuing other ambitious
projects to share the ups and downs in the industry. She has a few high profile projects
under her sleeve that will be launching in mid 2008.

Michelle Niemiec comes from a small town near Joliet, just outside of Chicago with a close
supportive family. Her parents who have been married for over 30 years have instilled
endurance and commitment for her journey through life. She’s overcome many obstacles
while entering in the modeling industry such as overcoming a severe eating disorder that
has plagued her for 10 years. Her perseverance has allowed her to turn her pain into
triumph by helping other women facing the same issues she’s faced. Michelle Niemiec
won the title of US Foster’s Grid Girl in 2005 allowing her the opportunity to to be a part of
the Australian Grand Prix. Other runway work includes: Anne Fibian Swimwear - Missred
Couture Fall Collection, Isabella Boutique Lingerie show, LaPerla Lingerie show, US
Grand Prix spokes model and several other print, commercial and television assignments.

For more information about Michelle Niemiec please visit www.MichelleNiemiec.com. For
special speaking engagements, interviews, and news you can reach Michelle Niemiec directly at





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