Roland Metivier and Christina 
Carson-Metivier Host Method Fest
Opening Gala takes you to

The Method  Fest 2002

Veteran Actor Rod Steiger receives the Lifetime Achievement Award at
the4th annual The Method Fest independent film festival in Pasadena


Yanna and Carlisl

Gabriella Hall and Robert Donavan star
 from Meathod Fest movie "Feel of Steel"


Ron Gilbert, Straw Weisman and actor

The Method Fest is named after "The Method" school of acting, which trained such great Method
Actors such as John Garfield, Geraldine Page, Robert DeNiro, Meryll Streep, and Dustin Hoffman.

The Method Fest, celebrating breakout acting performances in independent film, has quickly established
itself as the only film festival in America that puts its focus on the actor, believing acting is the core
ingredient to great independent film.

The Method Fest features American and foreign feature films and short films. A variety of activities will
complement the Method Fest screenings - acting and filmmaking seminars, parties, networking events, an
Indie Music Night, Lifetime Achievement Tribute, and Awards Ceremony.


Margaret Melanie and Jerry King

Robin Lee Noll and Robert Noll with
Susan Carole Davis.  The Noll's film
5 Minutes is in the Method Festival

"Man of the Year” starring John 
Ritter, is a digital feature 
and opened the festival

Straw Weisman and Debbie
Weisman executive producers
of "Man of the Year


James Earl Jones at Method Fest Awards

Fran Dresser and friends at the

 2001 Awards Flashback


Oscar Nominations

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