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Talent Director Michelle Serna & Webcast Producer
and owner Benford E. Standley

Webcast Studio

West Multimedia

partners with

Webcast Coveage

Center is Producer and Webcast host
Dan Jones,  (rt) Heather Rae co-host



Producer Joseph Brown Thunder

Paul Swartz from Studio 56 with
Webcast Host Rita Coolidge

Roscoe Pond on left center is Eagle 
Young and Chuck Banner on  right



Buck Jones webcast 
production manager

 special thanks to Chuck Banner, and the

Southern Cal. Indian Centers for their

technical assistance and equipment

 Joseph Brown Thunder and
Technical Director Rob Massopust

John Henn from 
Cineview Productions



Show performer Drew LaCapa and Dan

Producer Benford Standley in the
Webcast Room at end of show

Assistant directors of webcast Roscoe 
Pond and Eagle Young of  So. Cal 
Indian Center training program. 



Joseph Brown Thunder

John Trudell and  John Belindo
prepare for John's interview ...

Co Host Dan Jones Interviews Jade

was our Broadcast
parter for the 2nd


The Webcast was beyond our dreams!  Thanks to
everyone that helped make this 5 hour live audio-
video Internet event possible.  When owner and
producer of The asked the guys
at Yahoo, "Had anyone done something longer
than 5 hours live?"  Yahoo! said, "Yeper, Willie
Nelson Webcast of his 4th of July Pick Nick went
for a day and into the night."  So we will
run second to Willie any day.

Co-producer and Host Dan Jones interviews
Mary Kay Place and Rita Coolidge

StudioClub Webcast studios were really rt is John Henn  on camera and above is our  Joseph Brown Thunder  and Rob Massopost.  On the other  end of the phone our broadcast partners at Yahoo helped us take the Ceremony to the world.




Jade Herrera
Jade Herrera comes to the
Webcast Room for interview &
chat with the folks on the live
chat that was set up backstage.
Field Producer Sierra Morgan
gets her online.


Georgina Lightening

Yvonne Green

Molly Culver (ct) and film producer Heather Rae (rt)

Georgina  and  Jackie Kane






Image by



Produced by

Benford  Standley

Dan C. Jones



 Press Room helper