In 1979, I attended and worked on the World Symposium on Humanity which was held
for one week simultaneously in Toronto, Canada, Los Angeles,  and London, England
and was to all be linked by satellites.  For seven days some of the great humanist and thinkers,
religious leaders, dreamers and movers and shakers were to come together in that for of
networking that Buckminister and some of his buddies believed in called Synergy.  I worked
on the central communications of the three city seven day conference and worked in the Press
Room and help organize the events for children at the Symposium.  I worked full time for
one week.  At a later date I will add more on this great chapter and project in my life.

Much of 1979, I was also in Europe seeing Greece and the Greek Isles and Rome,  spent some
time in Bolivia, Peru and other countries in South America.  I had learned the jewelry making,
and I knew gem stones and jade.  I made a fair travel living during these years on the road.
Did ship tropical bromeliads and orchids some from Costa Rica and Guatemala.  In 1978 I
met Kathie Stubbs and for a couple years we would meet here and there on the earth...
In 1980, I married Kathy a Tucson, Arizona girl and 
moved to the United States after living and after 
living in Tucson, Arizona for awhile we moved to
Austin, Texas, where I went back to work in the
music business.  Kathy got sick and we then move
to Missoula, Montana where she was from and
wanted to be with her family

I will fill in this decade for later in the eBook saga...

Desiree Sophie Lynn Standley
born on November 24, 1982
I began to write and do my research for Some Ran  East...Some Ran West.  It was
with my daughter during the years that she was two to four years old that I did some
of my very important creation of Kickin' Up Dust and the draft of the manuscript
I now have to Some Ran East...Some Ran West.  Year later I feel that I am now
doing the final draft of this manuscript...and it will be a sad quarter century look
at the way we treated our children and youth.

In 1984, I had been living between Missoula, Montana to be with my daughter and Austin,
Texas where I would sometime have her there with me.  The above flyer was a show I
dreamed up and produced in Austin, Texas.  Anyone that knows Austin and the Texas
music scene will appreciate the importance of the line up you see on this flyer.

I worked very close with the Governor's
office at this time to put this show to-
gether.  The mayor of Austin declared
it Runaway Hotline Day and we got 
some great press in Austin for runaway
children and youth.  I consider this one
of my proud moments in life.  Had a few
problems with they guy that ran the Opry
House for Willie cause he was not really
fair and took us to the cleaners on a 
South bound train...Show was a sell-out!
Standing room only...

Twas a great event and for years following

I stayed in touch with and worked with

the Runaway Hotline.  Will tell more later

about working with Murphey and the

Hotline and a video that we worked on...

Many would not believe that I could get all those guys in Austin, Texas on the same day.  Some
thought it could be the gun fight at Okay corral for reasons between all these guys that not only
worked together, but owed each other money, stole each other's girl friends and lines to songs.
That night was also a reunion of the Lost Gonzo Band with Gary P. Nunn and a reunion of the
Cosmic Cowboy Band with even Charles John Quarto, one of the original cosmic cowboys.
We had the founders of the Armadillo Progressive sound all rounded up for the Runaway
Hotline at Willie Nelson's Austin Opry House.  This gig was one of the first real stages that
Robert Earl King played...stories and stories could be told about this gig...and I will some day.


Down the road of time, I later hooked up with Michael Martin Murphey and worked with him

and the Texas governors office to have Michael become the National Celebrity Person for the

Runaway Hotline.  Setting around his hotel room on day during a meeting at the Governor's

office and giving him a tour through the Runaway Hotline offices we talked of a song that he had

and wanted to put it to video.  He sang the song to me, and we set there and made notes and

wrote out a script for the idea to make a video of the song that would apply to Runaway kids...

here is the video that was released and won a number of awards...




Welper, ole Waylon there is that story I got to tell someday...

back in 1980 something when you and ole Hank William, Jr.

headed out on the Missoula day after breakfast with Buck

Page and some of the Gang...Thom Steinbeck and some

of Willie's boys saw the scene that I missed because I was

waiting on you at the Mountain Country Arts and Music



In 1987, my daughter Desiree Sophie Lynn "Little Waterfall" Standley and her cat
Rainbow Star light the gypsy road cat left Missoula, Montana and I begin the chapters
of my life I would write from the Malibu, California and the Hills of Beverly.

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