The Dream Keepers cover the nightmare

The Blind Truth
Out of Sight our of Mind
See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil
Ignorance is bliss
Truth is like a torch and from it we shield our eyes for being burnt
Sweep it under the rug
Skeleton's in the closet
Keep them in the dark
Hide from the truth
Can of worms
Tip of the iceberg

The Dream Keepers cover the nightmare our children live...

One of the oldest and most basic instances to civilized man is the desire to protect children
and mothers is basic."  I heard some political say.  So I guess knowing the bones I have
dug up on the state and fate of children and youth in this country on what is happening
to not only children and youth, but to women, would lead one to believe that we are not
civilized here in the good ole US of A.

I hate that the stats on child abuse and other of the conditions that harm our children are
always two or more years on the past.  I think reporting the present truth of the matter is
too shocking.  If it is in the past we have the thought well, I hope that it isn't that bad now.
Reading in the "A Better Life" section of a news paper on April 3, 2003, I read:

Lacy Petterson case has national interest I think because of the underlying concern of the
fact that this case represents tip of the iceberg of abuse of pregnant and murder of
pregnant women.  The fact that MURDER is the number one killer of pregnant women by their
husbands, or the fathers of these unborn children is a deep seeded and dark real of our
culture.  A taboo and crime so true and horrible that we have to watch.  Like slowing
down at a wreck to see if we can see the blood.  Auto wrecks are the number one killer of

humans, as a side note to this automated road of death that we race down...


This is a dark specter inside our culture.  Like child abuse and the murder and neglect of
children we want to shed light on the darkness inside many of us.  "Truth is like a torch...

we shield our eyes for fear of getting burned.

Martina McBride's
Concrete Angel

She walks to school with the lunch she packed
Nobody knows what she's holdin' back
Wearin' the same dress she wore yesterday
She hides the bruises with linen and lace

The teacher wonders but she doesn't ask
It's hard to see the pain behind the mask
Bearing the burden of a secret storm
Sometimes she wishes she was never born

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel

Somebody cries in the middle of the night
The neighbors hear, but they turn out the lights
A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate
When morning comes it'll be too late

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel

A statue stands in a shaded place
An angel girl with an upturned face
A name is written on a polished rock
A broken heart that the world forgot

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel

Young girls in America are going to jail in record numbers.  They are starting crack and sex at 12 years old, and

one in four are arrested for assault...I am setting her watching a speical on MSNBC.  Little girls 12 are talking

about how sex and drugs enter into their life...over 1/2...50% have been sexually abused and 1/2 have mothers

in prison...WHAT AM I HEARING?  It is July of 2005, hey Mr. President, I found a few more left behind... 

I get tired of crying...hell, I'm a grown man.  I set working on projects and watching CMT
Country Music Television and Concrete Angel by Martina McBride comes on and I start
to cry.  I cry out loud and tears come down my cheek as I watch this music video and all
the years of what I know and hurt a million pains and cry now thousands of tear drops for...
So there is a God?  O...sure, and what is the lesson from this dear God?  Come on...speak
to me.  You sure don't help these kids, you sure have not helped me all these years help
this kids...come on now Lord God Jesus, what is the reason so many children suffer and
why do I have to cry again?  Pray tell?  "Blessed are the children."  you say?

Then John Walsh comes on


Cases of child abuse and neglect rose slightly in 2001 for the second straight
year, government officials said.  The increase was not statistically significant, but
children's advocates expressed concern that it could signal the start of a trend.
(trend my ass this has been going on for twenty fucking years already.)
About 1,300 children died of abuse or neglect in 2001, 100 more than in the
previous year.  Overall, 903,000 children were victimized , said Wade Horn,
assistant secretary for children and families at the Department of Health and
Human Services.  Child protective service agencies across the country re-
ceived 2.6 million referrals in 2001; about a third of these were substantiated
after investigation.  Of cases that were confirmed, 59% suffered neglect, 18%
were physically abused, 10% were sexually abused and 7% were psycholo-
gically maltreated.  Prevent Child Abuse America, a private group based in
Chicago, said that the stress of an economic downturn and unemployment in-
creases the risk of child abuse.


Woodbridge, N.J.--One was the neighborhood bully, a 10 year-old raised by his
blind single father, reviled for throwing rocks, picking fights and vandalizing cars
and homes.  The other was a toddler eagerly learning his ABCs, content to while
away the hours coloring or listening to the local librarian read aloud...The two
young lives collided Wednesday, when police say the older boy lured the 3 year
old out of a library, fatally beat him with a baseball bat, sexually assaulted him
and dumped him in a ditch.

Gov. James E. McGreevy, a former Woodbridge mayor, has asked Human
Services Commissioner Gwendolyn Harris for a report of the Division of Youth
and Family Service's involvement with the older boy...It is the second time this
year McGreevey has asked about the agency's handling of a case.  The first was
in January, after two abused boys and the decomposed body of their brother
were found in a Newark Basement.

ELEPHANT scores top Cannes Honor

Gus Van Sant's film "Elephant," about high school shooting in America, won
top prize at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday.  The director case real high
school students, not professional actors, to star in the film, and asked them to
improvise their  lines.  The movie starts out showing an ordinary day at school
that turns to tragedy when two students go on a shooting spree in the hallways.
Ban Sant, best known for "Good Will Hunting,"  won the prize for best director.

Just reported that last year over 4,000 teens commited suicide last
year and it could run much higher because many deaths, including auto
accidents are not reported as suicide.   2004


PROZAC NATION--Frightening because the manic side effects of Prozac can be dangerous.
Prozac makes you feel better by disabling those crippling doubts and inhibitions that are the
hallmarks of despondency, but it often does so at the expense of your better judgment.  You
stop over-analyzing, but you also stop thinking things through, and that can precipitate some
pretty bad behavior from otherwise mild-mannered people.

Ample anecdotal evidence and expert testimony link reckless or even criminal behavior and
manias induced by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors--the class of drugs to which Prozac
and other antidepressants like Paxil and Zoloft belong.  This should give us all serious pause,
especially now that the Food and Drug Administration has approved these drugs for children.

A society jacked up on Prozac, especially one in which non depressed people are using it for
kicks, is one that is filled with people who have renounced unfiltered self scrutiny and em-
braced the unexamined life at the behest of a semi euphoric drug.  That is truly a civilization
in decline.

Norah Vincent--Los Angeles Times

Psychiatric drugs for kids on the rise

The number of US children and teens on Ritalin, antidepressants or other psychiatric drugs has
surged.  Some experts have warned that US children are being overmedicated.  Some say it
indicates the growth of mental problems in youngsters.  It has been reported that the FDA is
approving the use of Prozac for teenagers.



After two months of investigations and countless lurid headlines, much appears to be known about

John T. Jamelske, indicted last week on five counts of kidnapping, "with the intent to violate or abuse"

his victims. Jamelske will be arraigned June 10 before County Judge Anthony Aloi, the first time he

has appeared in court. If convicted, he could face five consecutive maximum penalties of 25 years

to life in state prison.


His victims have been interviewed by the police, their horrible stories related in the press. One of

his sons, Brian, has even described what it was like growing up with a man who is now accused of

being one of the most notorious rapists in Onondaga Country history. But broader questions about

the case remain.


Jamelske originally was charged with kidnapping, sodomy, rape and sexual abuse of a 16-year-old girl. On Thursday, May 29, he was indicted on kidnapping that victim and four other women. The section of that statute under which he was indicted charges that he abducted his victims "with the intent to violate or abuse her sexually."

Jamelske might face five consecutive maximum penalties of 25 years to life in state prison if convicted of all the kidnapping charges.

Jamelske's last victim was kidnapped in October 2002 and rescued April 8, 2003, at Fayetteville Dodge after she was able to surreptitiously call her sister. Jamelske kept the girl chained for about four months, but then began taking her out in public. Jamelske later called his victim his "girlfriend." Shortly before she was rescued, they were seen together at a karaoke bar in Mattydale, where the girl sang for the crowd.

Jamelske kept his victims in an underground bunker constructed in 1983 and 1984 about three feet below his lawn, police reports say. The bunker has two 12-foot-square rooms with 8-foot ceilings. It is connected to the basement of Jamelske's house by a 6-foot-long tunnel. The bunker was furnished with a foam mattress, a bathtub, a TV and a bucket used for a toilet.




Among American children under 18, antidepressants use rose 49% in just

4 years.  1998--2002.  In Britain they banned the use of these drugs for

children except Prozac



British authorities say some antidepressants can be deadly for kids.
Now the FDA is investigating.

(On now that is the wolf watching over the hen house if I ever heard...)bs

Kara Jayne-Anne Otter, 12, had been on the antidepressant Paxil for seven months when she
committed suicide....Baker (her mother) is convinced PAXIL is what killed her daughter, and that's
what she'll tell a U.S. Food and Drug Administration panel meeting this week in Bethesda, Md.
For years a small but vocal group of patients and doctors have insisted that certain antidepressants,
including PAXIL, ZOLOFT, PROZAC and other medications known as selective serotonin
teuptake inhibitors (SSRIS), carry an unacceptable risk of antisocial behavior and suicide in kids
who take them.

The issue is coming to a head.  By last Dec. the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Reg-
ulatory Agency, the equivalent of the FDA, had declared CELEXA, EFFEXOR, LEXAPRO,
LUVOX, PAXIL and ZOLOFT (but not PROZAC) too risky for kids under 18.

Koplewicz, a psychiatrist and director of the NYU Child Study Center.  "But 3 million kids have
suicidal thoughts.  The seem to be part and parcel of the adolescent experience."

Mark Taylor, 19, woonded in the Columbine school shootings by Eric Harris, 18, who was taking
the antidepressant LUVOX at the time, will be speaking to the FDA.

MAKE WORSE, AND THAT INCLUDES SUICIDE."  Dr. Martin Teicher, McLean Hospital

White Rabbit for Alice
take the pill little girl
go to your room
and watch MTV
even though you live alone
with your mother
have no worry
the doc is here...


FDA Warns of Possible Drug-Suicide Link
Mon Oct 27, 3:18 PM ET  Add Health - AP to My Yahoo!
WASHINGTON - Some anti-depressant drugs undergoing trials in children may be associated with suicides,

 the Food and Drug Administration (news - web sites) said Monday.


The agency said reports in the press and medical journals describe suicide attempts and suicides in children

 receiving antidepressants. Many such reports also have been submitted to the FDA.


While the data do not clearly establish an association between the use of the drugs on trials and increased

 suicidal thoughts or actions by pediatric patients, FDA said it also is impossible to rule out an association.

Determining if the drug was at fault is a problem, as suicide attempts also occur in patients with depression

who are untreated.

Nevertheless, the FDA said it is issuing a public health advisory to alert physicians to reports of suicidal

thinking and suicide attempts in clinical studies of various anti-depressant drugs in pediatric patients.

Currently only Prozac is approved for use in major depressive disorder among children, but physicians

sometimes use other drugs approved for adults.


The FDA said it has completed a preliminary review of reports for eight anti-depressant drugs —

citalopram, fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, mirtazapine, nefazodone, paroxetine, sertraline, and venlafaxine

 — in tests in children.


In addition to the advisory, the agency scheduled a meeting next February of its Psychopharmacologic

Drugs Advisory Committee and the Pediatric Subcommittee of the Anti-Infective Drugs Advisory

Committee to discuss the question.



It is reported this May 2003 that the Oregon Police ID Second Set of Remains The nationwide
search for two girls who disappeared from the same apartment complex ended at a neighbor's house
just a few hundred yards from their  homes. Authorities said Monday that a body recovered from a
barrel buried under concrete in Ward Weaver's yard was that of 12-year-old Ashley Pond. The body
of her friend, 13-year-old Miranda Gaddis, was found over the weekend in a backyard shed.

 Ashley disappeared Jan. 9. She was last seen eating breakfast with her younger sister and was to
walk about eight minutes to a bus stop near Weaver's home. Michelle Duffey, Miranda's mother, last
saw her daughter in a bathrobe eating breakfast on March 8.

Pat Benatar sings that...

Hell Is For Children

They cry in the dark, so you can't see their tears
They hide in the light, so you can't see their fears
Forgive and forget, all the while
Love and pain become one and the same
In the eyes of a wounded child
Because Hell
Hell Is For Children
And you know that their little lives can become such a mess
Hell Is For Children
And you shouldn't have to pay for your love with your bones and your flesh
It's all so confusing, this brutal abusing
They blacken your eyes, and then apologize
You're daddy's good girl, and don't tell mommy a thing
Be a good little boy, and you'll get a new toy
Tell grandma you fell off the swing
Because Hell
Hell Is For Children
And you know that their little lives can become such a mess
Hell Is For Children
And you shouldn't have to pay for your love with your bones and your flesh
No, Hell Is For Children
Hell is for Hell
Hell is for Hell
Hell Is For Children
Hell is for Hell
Hell is for Hell
Hell Is For Children
Hell is for Hell
Hell is for Hell
Hell Is For Children
Hell Is For Children
Hell Is For Children



Mom Accused of Child Killings Left Notes

AP  Jan 06

A mother accused of smothering her three young children left notes that officials say could help determine what led to the killings, and her priest said Sunday that she had expressed "tremendous remorse."

Paula Eleazar Mendez, 43, was in a county jail Sunday after being treated at a hospital for swallowing a toxic substance.

She had collapsed as officers arrived at her home Saturday morning in response to a telephone call from the children's father in New York. Inside the home, the officers found the bodies of the children, ages 6 to 8, lying side by side on a bed, said Chris Brackett, an investigator with the Sevier County Sheriff's Office.

He identified the children as 8-year-old Elvis and 6-year-old twins, Samanta and her brother Samuel.

Autopsies were planned to determine whether the children had been poisoned or smothered, as their mother told police, Cooper said. The children's faces were not covered when police found them.

Cooper said an emergency room doctor told him Mendez had not ingested enough of the toxic substance to kill herself. Her arraignment is expected Monday, McKinley said.

In the house's yard Sunday was a seven-foot pile of burned papers. A page in a religion book bore the words "vamos a celebrar" — Spanish for "let's celebrate." A child's handwriting was scrawled in blue ink across some papers, and there were charred letters from a labor union in New York City.



Far too often the photos are the last we see of them: school portraits or family
snapshots reproduced on blurry newsprint or flickering TV screens. The parents hold
up the pictures at press conferences and tell their sad, familiar stories: one minute
the child was there — in a bedroom, a store, a car seat

              Lately we have been seeing these pictures everywhere, practically a new one every day,
              and sometimes at the top of national newscasts that don't usually feature such stories so
              prominently. In the U.S. the press coverage cyclone kicked up months ago with the
              kidnapping and murder of Danielle Van Dam in San Diego, California, then gained
              intensity with the still unsolved disappearance of Elizabeth Smart in Utah, and,
              incredibly, grew even fiercer with a series of cases from all over the country. The British
              parallels are Sarah Payne, who left a game of hide-and-seek with her siblings in July 2000
              and was found dead 16 days later; Milly Dowler, still missing since her disappearance on
              March 21 of this year; and most recently Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, two best
              friends who vanished from Soham in Cambridgeshire on Aug. 4. Their bodies were
              reported to have been found 30 km away on Saturday, and two people were arrested in
              connection with the case. So many shocking stories, so suddenly — a genuine crime
              wave or media hysteria?   The statistics on child abductions are unreliable,
              unable to settle the matter of whether such crimes are growing more common, or even
              how widespread they are. The figures depend on the vagaries of local police reports that
              classify disappearances differently — sometimes as murders, sometimes as other things
              such as rape, depending on the circumstances of the crime.

              The fear and confusion unleashed by the abduction stories can't be expressed as math.
              Its power is primal, as gripping as an empty crib. Journalists know this: imperiled children
              mesmerize. There aren't many stories with villains so wholly evil and victims so
              absolutely undeserving. Little wonder that within moments of a snatching, across
              countless radios, televisions and even electronic highway signs, the kidnapping stories
              have a new immediacy. They call for involvement, not just outrage. They enlist the
              audience as participants, and even potential heroes.

              That they're far too easy to find is undeniable. Still, there are other children in danger's
              path — harmed and neglected in a thousand ways that don't offer melodramatic
              storylines or a chance for TV viewers to play detective — whose photos will never be
              passed around at press conferences, and whose names will never be flashed above a
              freeway. While we may not know if the number of kidnapped children is rising, there is
              another figure — the number of kids abandoned by parents, dumped onto social
              services or left in the care of irresponsible adults — that is on the increase. That these
              children don't rate headlines is perhaps natural. To disappear, a kid must first exist, must
              be cherished by someone, cared about — at least enough for someone to snap her
              photo. Remaining forgotten, though, is not a story.

              It would be nice if, when the next alert goes out, rousing the public's justifiable outrage
              and the media's sometimes questionable interest, it might trigger a wider, silent alarm as
              well — for the kids who can't disappear because they are already lost

Chamber of horrors
A windowless, underground room. A foam bed. A grate with a metal chain. A bucket for a toilet. Beatings, rape, humiliation. Five women tell the same horror story of being dragged off the street into a dungeon in Dewitt and losing all contact with the outside world.

May 4, 2003

By Mike Fish
Staff writer

Over several months in the early 1980s, Jamie Carncross delivered more than half a dozen loads of concrete to the DeWitt back yard of John T. Jamelske, who said he was building an underground room to hang out in.

Carncross thought the construction project was odd, but he had no clue how odd.

Two decades later, a 16-year-old girl, accompanied by Jamelske, walked into the Manlius bottle recycling office of Carncross' wife, Terry, and made a hushed phone call to her older sister, triggering a rapid-fire series of events leading to the April 8 arrest of Jamelske and to the still-unfolding story of the grisly, underground universe where police say he was master.

"The man I thought was sort of a normal person is not a normal person, and a lot of people have been hurt by him," said Terry Carncross, who has known Jamelske for about 20 years.

Some neighbors and acquaintances saw the 67-year-old Jamelske as an eccentric, retired handyman who collected bottles and cans.

Authorities now describe him as a collector of women - a serial rapist who scooped up runaway girls and other vulnerable women off the street and stashed them, one by one, in his windowless, concrete cocoon until he finally released them, blindfolded or in the dead of night, after months or years of captivity.

Authorities say five victims have been found, including one girl taken underground in 1988 at age 14 and released at age 17. Until the day Jamelske was arrested, some victims had no idea where they were held.

Jamelske is being held in the Justice Center Jail on charges that he kidnapped and raped the 16-year-old girl and held her captive for about six months.



October 4, 2002
WENTWORTH, N.C. (AP) - Bone fragments and a skull found on a rural property are the
remains of a 9-year-old girl who vanished after her parents were fatally shot in their home seven
weeks ago, authorities said Friday.  Investigators said they have not made any arrests but would
ike to talk with a man whose rented house and mobile home in Rockingham County were recently

Jennifer Short's remains were discovered Sept. 25 near a home in Stoneville, N.C., about 30
miles south of her home. She had been shot in the head, Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page said.

Jennifer had been missing since Aug. 15, when her parents — Michael Short, 50, and Mary Short,
36 —were found shot to death in their Bassett, Va., home. Investigators had said they believed the
girl had been abducted.

"The skeletal remains in Rockingham County have been determined to be a positive match with the
DNA profile of Short and are hers," Page said.

The investigation and search for the little girl had been emotionally difficult, said Sheriff Frank Cassell
of Henry County, Va.  Tests by a lab in Roanoke, Va., showed Jennifer had been shot, Page said.
Neither sheriff would say whether evidence indicated she had been raped.

Fertility issues
so sad to see kids that have been born from sperm donors wanting to find their
fathers.  Some sperm banks let a person father 15 kids with their sperm
some want to know even who their brothers and sisters might be

Mom Sentenced for Putting Infant in Oven

WETUMPKA, Ala. (AP) - A woman who put her infant daughter in a hot oven set on broil pleaded
guilty to attempted murder and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The child survived after her father heard her screams and rushed into the kitchen, but she suffered
third-degree burns over 70 percent of her body and still faces years of reconstructive surgery, said
District Attorney Randall Houston.

Her mother, Melissa Wright, at first told investigators the 18-month-old girl fell from her arms as
she was cooking, and that the child hit the oven door, rolled in and the oven door closed behind her.

Prosecutors had planned to argue at trial that Wright acted intentionally because she was jealous
of the attention the child's father was paying to the infant. She didn't suffer from any mental illness,
Houston said, ``She is just mean.''

Wright, 27, of Coosada, pleaded guilty Thursday in Elmore County Circuit Court. Her daughter
remains in the care of relatives.



How many missing children are there?
Answer: The problem of missing children is complex and multifaceted. There are different types
of missing children including family abductions; endangered runaways; non-family abductions; and
lost, injured, or otherwise missing children. The best national estimates for the number of missing
children are from incidence studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

To date two such studies have been completed. The first National Incidence Studies of Missing,
Abducted, Runaway, and Throwaway Children (NISMART-1) was released in 1990, and the
second, known as NISMART-2, was released in October 2002. According to NISMART-2
research, which studied the year 1999, an estimated 797,500 children were reported missing;
58,200 children were abducted by non-family members; 115 children were the victims of the most
serious, long-term non-family abductions called "stereotypical kidnappings"; and 203,900 children
were the victims of family abductions.

EXISTS.  That 12 years would pass in between studies of something so important and
that they are using even today data from a 1999 study, when we all know that the problems
that face children are and at the same time, even if you don't know and realize how bad
the are...well they are historic. Year after year after can we do a study and
as a government realize how bad it is then not study it again to any extent for 12 years
then here we are five years later still using the old data to study a PRESENT AND
CLEAR DANGER in the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids, if not millions.


The stats on the numbers of children and youth in America that are in adult jails, detention

centers, foster homes, living with single parents, on probation, living in the streets in special

schools to keep them out of trouble has to be looked at in how the totality of this effects our

culture.  The numbers are historic and a national tragedy. The number goes into the tens

of millions.


The number of runaway and homeless children and youth in America has tragic porportions.

A study authorized by the Department of Justice estimated that over 450,000 teenagers ran

away in 1988. The US Government reports that in 1990 there were approximately 1.3 million

runaway and homeless youths on the streets. All indications from the National Center for

Missing and Exploited Children are that the numbers have been increasing each year since

1988 and are currently running much higher. A 1996 study conducted by the National Network

for Youth suggests that approximately 1.8 million young people run away from home each year.

Today it could be as high last 3 to 5 million children and youth are homeless in the streets of

these United States of America.

Aren’t most missing kids a result of custodial disagreements?
Answer: The largest number of missing children are “runaways”; followed by “family abductions”;
then “lost, injured, or otherwise missing children”; and finally, the smallest category, but the one in
which the child is at greatest risk of injury or death, “nonfamily abductions.” Many times this
question is asked under the assumption that family abductions are not a serious matter; however,
this is not true. In most cases children are told that the left-behind parent doesn’t want or love them.
These children may live the life of a fugitive, always on the run with the non-custodial parent and
stripped away from their home, friends, school, and family.

How big of a problem is child sexual exploitation?
Answer: The sexual victimization of children is overwhelming in magnitude yet largely un-
recognized and underreported. Statistics show that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys are sexually exploited
before they reach adulthood, yet less than 35% of those child sexual assaults are reported to

U.S. needs to better take care of its children

Shay Bilchick, the executive director of the Child Welfare League of America, discussed
Monday a new report on the sexual exploitation of children with CNN's Natalie Allen.

CNN: This may be tough for America to absorb, Mr. Bilchick, these numbers coming out, and we learned that just 3 percent of
exploitation and abuse of children is from strangers. What do you make of the numbers?

BILCHICK: I think what the report highlights is that we are simply not doing a good enough job in this country taking care of our

And this is another area of concern that we have, the exploitation, the sexual exploitation of our children, and this report highlights
with wrong numbers 300,000 to 400,000 children that are out there right now being sexually exploited, that we have to pay closer
attention to the problem, including what's happening right in our own homes and neighborhoods, with kids who we think we're
taking good care of.

CNN: Exactly, because that seems to what is so astounding by this; 47 percent ... of abuse comes from family members. And these
are middle class homes. Many children who are the runaways are just children who are trying to escape being sexually abused at

BILCHICK: I think [what] we have to realize, is that these children in many ways, whether they are runaways, throwaways or within
their own home not being taken care of, they're not nurtured and protected the way they need to. They're simply different at stages of
process, so to speak. If they're not taken care of, usually when they run away, they're running away from something, not to
something. They're being thrown away by parents who aren't taking care of them and protecting them.

We need to do a better job as a society identifying those children, those families, and doing the kind of prevention and interventions
that could be successful in reducing those numbers, including greater levels of enforcement on this issue.

CNN: Do you think ... that is the first time that this has been exposed in this study, the numbers have been here all along? Or have
things like this sex trade, which has been just skyrocketing and growing via the Internet, is fueling more problems with sexual abuse?

BILCHICK: I think at different periods of time, we get a report that highlights this problem and this issue, and it alarms us, we pay
attention for a while and then it fades.

What we have to realize is that this has been a building problem, it's -- the numbers are exponential, and we need to pay closer
attention to them, and not let the issues fade. Our leaders need to get a hold of this issue, get their arms around it and do the
multifaceted things this report recommends to really get on top of the issue.

CNN: So if there are teen-agers or young boys and girls that are watching this show, what do you say to children, if they're being
abused a home, where do they go, who do they talk with, what do they do?

BILCHICK: I'm glad you asked that question. And really, there are various aspects to it. It's not just what you tell the children, but
what you say to a community as a whole. And that is to put in the kind of prevention programs that might prevent this problem from
happening in families that are struggling with how to protect their children, how to better intervene when abused, and neglect and
exploitation is reported, and how to empower, which is the question you asked -- empower our children.

It's OK to talk about these issues when they do happen. Go to a school counselor, a teacher, someone at their church or synagogue,
and talk about the issue, because it's not their fault. They are not to blame. Our children are simply being exploited. They need to know
that it's not their fault.

CNN: Final question: It seems every week we have a report about a pedophile being arrested, and there's always videos or pictures of
children being abused, some children being raped. What happens to these children -- we never hear about that part -- when they grow

BILCHICK: One of the things that we see is that there's a devastating impact on the lives of these children, when there is no proper
intervention. Even when there is, there is going to be an impact. But when we don't have treatment, we don't pay attention to the needs
that they have at this crisis in their lives, they really have very little chance to make into a whole kind of fruitful, productive life.

We need to put the treatment programs in place to help those children deal with the issues, and conversely, we need to make sure we
ratchet up the prosecution of these cases, stop the kind of benign neglect that we heard about in this report from happening in
prosecutor's offices, or in the justice system as a whole.   CNN

12 year old boy kills Mother and brother...

A 12-year-old boy is expected to appear this afternoon before a juvenile court master in connection with the death of his mother and younger brother.

Katrina Denise Powe, 31, and her son Mystery Toma Hillian, 9, were found dead in their apartment in the 3700 block of Donnell Drive, in District Heights, Md. around 11 a.m. Sunday. Police took Powe's oldest son into custody Sunday. The boy's name has not been released because he is a juvenile, said Cpl. Clinton Copeland, of the Prince George's County Police Department.

"It apparently was a domestic dispute that turned deadly," said Cpl. Debbi Carlson, a police spokeswoman. Police have not said how the victims were killed.

"Forever Young"

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you
May you always be courageous
Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful
And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.






by Benford E. Standley

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