Our friends at Liquid Catering invited us to stop by
The Practice
100th episode party
Yahoo! Photo
Kelli Williams & Dylan McDermott

Camryn Manheim

Lisa Solana produced the
Producer clip that was 
viewed at the party.
 Dylan McDermott
 Kelli Williams
 Steve Harris
 Camryn Manheim
 Marla Sokoloff
 Michael Badalucco
 Lara Flynn Boyle
 Lisa Gay Hamilton
 Jason Kravits

The Practice, which is on the ABC network and from renowned writer/producer David E.
Kelley, is one of television's most acclaimed dramas. The series has won some of the
biggest awards in television including the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, the
Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Series, and the George Foster Peabody Award for
overall excellence.

Set in Boston, The Practice centers on the passionate attorneys of Donnell, Young, Dole &
Frutt. To these defense lawyers, every case is important, every client worth a fight to the end.
Legal maneuvering is the firm's modus operandi and they have it down to a science, making
even the most questionable arguments seem convincing. And while they can't -- and don't --
win every trial, the pursuit of justice remains the priority until the final verdict is announced ...
and sometimes afterwards. Pursuing justice,  however, often confronts the firm with serious
ethical and moral issues of conscience, often causing the colleagues to clash with their clients
-- and each other.

David Homb is manager
for Liquid Catering

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