Missoula, Montana
And a river does run through it

A June snowstorm in Missoula

Missoula, Montana


Missoula, Montana is where two rivers
meet and three mountain ranges come
together.  The Garden City it is called,
because of the valley that it sets in...
Missoula is located in an old, glacial 
lake bed,  which is now cut by Clark 
Fork River. The Bitterroot River feeds 
into the Clark Fork on the Southwest 
edge of town; the  Big Blackfoot 
River meets the Clark Fork River.

Over the next year we plan to bring you
more from this Montana town...we will 
also get on down to Jimmy Buffett and
Ted Turner Country and on into the
beautiful Yellowstone Park.


A story this summer comes from Great Burn Wilderness, where thousands of 
grizzly bears once roamed one of the greatest wilderness areas in the U.S.
Now said to have been extinct for over 60 years.  However just June this
summer a Grizzly wondered into the Ninemile Valley, northwest of Missoula.
This now gives some hope that maybe this great beast is still existing in the
2001 wilderness.  Missoula bear biologist Chuck Jonkel is going into the
wilderness now to see if he can find others.  If he does find more bears this
could help move legislation to further protect this great wilderness area.
The StudioClub takes it hat off to Mr. Jonkel and his group of volunteers
who are going deep into the wilderness to find if more of these great 
animals still exist, and begin movements to further protect them.


Montana is a Melody and a home of  some great Native

American Tribes, stay tuned for more on this

Desiree and I...Dez was born in Missoula 1982

Allen Knieper, Robby and Lance Standley

Allen is my son in Law and Robby my son

was born here in Missoula in 1994



Missoula is 3 hours south of  Glacier Park and 3-and-a-half hours

west of  Yellowstone National Park. 

Buffalo Benford calls Missoula one of his 
homes.   He has had two children born in Missoula,
and as of a matter of fact, produced the Official
State Ballad of Montana..."Montana Melody."
Over a period of years Buffalo produced show in
Missoula of the likes of Emmylou Harris, Kris 
Kristofferson, Michael Martin Murphey, Hoyt
Axton, Jerry Jeff Walker, Riders in the Sky, Bobby
Bridger, Willie Nelson's daughter Suzie Nelson,
Gary P. Nunn, Roger McGuinn from the Byrds,
the New and the Original Riders of the Purple Sage
and many others.  Many of the shows were 
working with and dedicated to children and youth.