Roatan is still "undiscovered"  

 Take me back to
Roatan Island

where the flying fishes go

Luisa will be your guide to

Roatan Island in Fall of 2022

The beautiful Caribbean Island of Roatan offers some of the world's best SCUBA diving in
the world.  Locals say that it is 150 foot visibility underwater, and I believe it...did not need

to scuba!  Just put your face in the water and there is a mystical world of under water fantasy. 

Some say it is the best snorkeling in the world...


The island is surrounded by the world's second largest coral reef, hugging most of the shore.
This provides calm, clear beaches for swimming and snorkeling, and many varieties of sea
life. Almost every vacation rental, resort, and other lodging is close enough to walk to beaches,
and Roatan's many dive operators assure convenient access.  Said to have more coral species
than anywhere in the world.

When I hung out on the island there were very few resorts or hotels.  Over the past decade
there have been more folks that have discovered this largest of the Islands off the coast of

the Honduras in Central America. 


  Roatan is still "undiscovered."


The island has a friendly "laid back" atmosphere and is an ideal place to get away.  Further inland there are the Caramobola Gardens, the Iguana Farm, the Butterfly Park, Tropical Treasures, where you can see hundreds of exotic birds, and the Institute for Marine Sciences at Anthony's Key.


Roatan features beautiful beaches and a lush tropical environment, with some great fishing as well makes for a great escape.  Two meetings with Jean-Michael Cousteau, one on Roatan Island and again at a Whole Earth Day in L.A.

Buffalo Benford and Jean-Michel Cousteau

I was very moved and touched with the work of the Cousteau
family, and its importance to the future of this Earth.

I was honored to spend time with Jean-Michel

and I hope that you will pay a visit to his site





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"Clean water, air, and biological diversity are our global legacy. We have a moral obligation to act on behalf of future generations.  The health of the ocean and our future are one. Everything is connected, people protect what they love,
and we can only protect what we fully understand."     Jean-Michel Cousteau