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In his 1934 travel book Beyond the Mexique Bay, Aldous Huxley

compared Guatemala's Lake Atitlan to Italy's Lake Como.  The

Italian body of water, he wrote, "touches the limit of the permissibly picturesque."  Atitlan, however, "is Como with the additional embel-

lishment of several immense volcanoes.  It is really too much of a

good thing."  Guatemalans have interpreted this declaration by the author of BRAVE NEW WORLD...

Juan Pascual's video and we thank him for the showing


Some of the Temples, such as those in Tikal are
27 stories high in the jungles of Guatemala

Guatemala is known by the hospitality of its people, the mysticism of its traditions, and the variety of ecosystems,
volcanoes, flora and fauna. Its characterized as the Country of the Eternal Spring, even more if you experience an
encounter with nature and discover the legacy of the Mayan Civilization in Peten’s tropical jungle, where you find
one of America’s foremost archeological sites. Temples and palaces rise through the colored vegetation that
covered  them for centuries.

And if you like adventure imagine yourself trekking trough tropical jungles, climbing volcanoes, and exploring
mysterious caves. On the other hand, enjoy the thrill of water rafting, an arqueological diving excursion, or admire
amazingly beautiful birds.

View of Lake Atitlan looking southwest toward Santiago
Atitlan, located between the three volcanoes.

This is a shot from another little hang out of
ole Buffalo Benford's on Lake Atitlan.

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Panachele is also a great tourist town and place to meet folks from all over the

world.  Town has some great bars and hotels on the lake.   Tourist  from all

over the world are going in and out of the town, plus there are a lot of Europeans and Americans that live in the town.  This is a good place to do some buying of Guatemalan clothes and materials.  No doubt can pay for the trip with what we can export out of Guatemala...for sure help the people of

the area make some money from their trade...


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According to the Annals of the Kaqchikels, the ancient highland Maya associated Lake Atitlan with
these first waters of creation. When the Kaqchikels first arrived in the region, their king threw himself
into the lake and changed himself into Gucumatz ("Quetzal Serpent"), the god who initiated the
creation from within the waters that once covered the earth (Recinos 1953:76-77). Immediately the
lake became dark. Then a north wind came up and a whirlpool formed in the water reminiscent of the
darkness and chaos of the primordial world. According to the text, the Tz'utujils were so impressed
by this demonstration of power that they ceded the northern shores of the lake to the Kaqchikels.

ENTRY AND EXIT REQUIREMENTS: A valid U.S. passport is required to enter and depart
Guatemala, even though many people, including some U.S.-based airline employees, mistakenly believe
otherwise. U.S. citizens returning to the United States from Guatemala are not allowed to board their
flights without a valid U.S. passport. Therefore, U.S. citizens are strongly advised to obtain a U.S. pass-
port before departing the United States. Certificates of Naturalization, birth certificates, driver's licenses,
and photocopies are not considered acceptable alternative travel documents. While in Guatemala, U.S.
citizens should carry their passports, or photocopies of their passports, with them at all times. Minors
(under 18) traveling with a valid U.S. passport need no special permission from their parents to enter or
leave Guatemala. U.S. citizens do not need a visa for a stay of 90 days or less (that period can be
extended upon application). An exit tax must be paid when departing Guatemala.

Thanks to the diversity of micro climates and extensive arable land, Guatemala is able to produce all types of
ornamental plants throughout the year. The mountainous, volcanic area is suited to: Tillandsias, Aphelandra,
Hedera, Cissus, Maranta, Peperomia. The area of the South Coast, near the Pacific Ocean, provides ideal
conditions for: Aglaonema, Brassia, Codiaeum, Dracaena, Ficus, Polyscias, Scindapsus, Syngonium and

The tropical forests of the northeast and southeast produce palm varieties such as Phoenix and Arecas, as well
as Beaucarnea, Yucca, Cordyline and Sansevieria. The coldest area of the country, northeast of the capital and
in the western highlands, is ideal for the cultivation of flowers such as roses and carnations, as well as decorative

Lago Atatlan

This is another shot from the Bay on the other side of the lake from Panachel. 

The Bay of Santiago Atitlan was a beautiful and peaceful place where I rented

rooms and houses several times over the years.  During the ten years I traveled Central and South America   This spot on earth is one of the most powerful

geophysical and cultural places I have ever experienced


They still speak ancient Myan languages and wear clothes like they wore

2,000 years a go.  This area of Guatemala is like a trip 2,000 years in the

ancient Mayan past.


You hear stories of author Tom Robbins, Aldous Huxley and others that have

hung on Lago Atatlan.



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