Quicksilver is a future past tale from the Don Juanish land of Terlingua, Texas

travel with us to the future past...under the earth below the Mercury

a messenger service...

It was a place where outlaws could hide out...from the ole Mercury mine they

could see the Rio Grande and the Mexican border and ride into the sunset

if "those guys" rode after them...somewhere in time or future past...

the Chihuahuan Desert where Peyote cactus grow and visions arise

from the



Billy the Kid

Jesse James

Butch Cassidy

Sundance Kid

Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Joe Ely

Butch Hancock

Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Bonnie and Clyde

and the pretty girls to entertain the outlaws


When this joyful moment comes, the man can say without hesitation that he has
defeated his first natural enemy. It happens little by little, and yet the fear is vanquished
suddenly and fast. Once a man has vanquished fear, he is free from it for the rest of his
 life because, instead of fear, he has acquired clarity--a clarity of mind which erases
fear. By then a man knows his desires; he knows how to satisfy those desires. He can
anticipate the new steps of learning and a sharp clarity surrounds everything. The man
 feels that nothing is concealed.