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Webcast hosts Rita Coolidge film maker Heather Rae



Webcast Production Room 
Benford Standley in concert with

broadcast partner Yahoo.com...

back stage the computers were

hummin and the guest were

being interviewed during

their breaks from the stage

show in the main room...


Show performer Drew LaCapa and Dan

 Chuck Banner, SR VP Red Crow Creations 
Creations, and the Southern Cal. Indian Centers



and Tech  Director Rob Massopust

Assistant directors of webcast Roscoe 
Pond and Eagle Young of  So. Cal 
Indian Center training program. 

John Henn

 Joseph Brown Thunder routs the feed to Yahoo.com

Paul Swartz from Studio 56 with
Webcast Host Rita Coolidge

Roscoe Pond on left center is Eagle 
Young and Chuck Banner on  right

Georgina Lightening

webcast production assist.

Yvonne Green was one of

the several camera folks

shooting this historic webcast

Mike Clark helping with the audio feed

Georgina  and  Jackie Kane

Presenter Max Gail

Producer Benford Standley in the Webcast Room

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Mary Kay Place, L.P. Brown & Rita Coolidge

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