eeeeeehah Cattle Call...for ROCKIN COUNTRY NIGHTS

Monday the 12th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Whisky A Go Go 8901 Sunset Blvd. 

Please bring a picture and resume.  Call backs will be Monday night 8 p.m.


Girls chosen for the final cut will be asked to perform for a live audience Monday night the12th at

9 p.m. at the ROCKIN COUNTRY NIGHTS opening show at the Whisky A Go Go as part

of the audition.


Dress rocking LA cowgirl...we're talking denim and diamonds lookin... leather and lace wearin,

tight blue jean fittin, hip swingin drink slingin boot shootin' go go cowgals here...we're talkin

coyote good lookin...this not the west, this is the Wild West.


We are going to put the shows online and the production is being shopped for cable TV.  You will

work each Monday night through the summer.  Some girls will waitress if they have experience and

some will do dance routines and some go go dancing.  Pay will be arranged depending on the

media deals that we have cut, at which time we will renegotiate with you then.


The shows will give you a great amount of exposure on the Internet and a live production in town.

Our photographer can also furnish you with some great shots from the nights and we will put up a

special webpage for the Go Go Cowgals with your own individual webpage to help you promote

yourself around Hollywood.


Mark Sellers who will choreograph the shows and is lead of the house band, will be there to run

the eeeeehaw cattle call...


you can see more on the show and job at:

email us at