Joe Ely burns down the barn


Mark Sellers and the Buckhouse Band and our Go Go Cowgals open the

show and sparked the audience for Joe to come on and burn down the barn

By Darryl Morden

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Though he headlined Monday's latest installment of the new Rockin' Country Night series at the Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip, Joe Ely's performance was acoustic and solo.


But that didn't keep the Texas legend from fanning sparks to catch fire. While he strummed fiercely at times on guitar, and also played harmonica, Ely's bellowing high-plains voice rang clear throughout the club. Both a gifted songwriter and stunning interpreter, he drew from his own recordings of the past three decades and the work of many of his fellow Lone Star State compares.


He was full of bluster for his wry Western tale "Me and Billy the Kid" and offered a gentle reading of "If You Were a Bluebird," written by his longtime Flatlanders band mate and Lubbock pal Butch Hancock.


Ely truly is Texas music, in a tradition of tall tales and heartrending vignettes that encompass roadhouse rock, country, Western balladry and blues. Even for the brief hour-or-so set, his range was vast as the panhandle, from the tragic "Gallo Del Cielo," where a man bets his dreams on a fighting rooster and loses everything, to comical outings such as "If  I Could Teach My Chihuahua to Sing."


He delicately finger-picked for Billy Joe Shaver's lullaby for grown-ups "Live Forever" and tapped into romantic mystery during "Behind the Bamboo Shade." He also pulled out Terry Allen's hysterical "Give Me a Ride to Heaven Boy," in which a hitchhiker with a halo who appears to be the son of God ends up stealing the driver's car at gunpoint.


Ely is best experienced with a full band so he can unleash all his boisterous power, but even alone he performed with his usual passionate bravado.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Bunkhouse boys Skip Edwards and Ed Tree

sets in for Cary Parks who is out on the road...

Our Buckhouse Band host

 Mark Sellers

 bunkhouse band steel Jay Dee Maness

Dave Raven and Taras Prodaniux

from the Bunkhouse Band

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The Cowbelles check out footage from

their opening dance number...

Glen Larson and Diamond Dave Somerville, founding

member and lead vocal of the famous Diamonds...

Glen was original member of the FOUR PREPS and creator
and ex-producer of shows like  "Quincy" "McCloud," "Magnium
P.I.," "Fall Guy," "Battle Star Galatia" and many other shows


Welper our Cowbelles are boot skootin' up a storm each

Monday night you go to see this part of the show!!!!!

Joe Ely and Mark Sellers hang some

backstage after Joe's show...

Archie Francis  sets in on drums

see him Monday the 10 with his

band Cornjunction playing for us

James Intveld and Skip Edwards, James jamed 

with the Bunkhouse Band and will open for

The Derailers August 28th....eeeeeehaw

Michael Lewis plays keys for Dave and

is from Quicksilver Messenger Service





"So rock you can roll with it, so country you can step in it...a Hollywood Hootenanny"



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Junior Brown

Leon Russell

Joe Ely

LA Night

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