Cynthia Ford

Cynthia Ford grew up in a small town in Northern California that was steeped in country music. When she was just a child, legendary blues artist, John Lee Hooker moved in across the street. He was a big influence in Cynthia’s pursuit of music and even tuned her first guitar.

Today, she writes her own lyrics and music and plays many instruments, including guitar, piano, and some percussion. Cynthia’s passion is in writing and performing her music. Her music reflects times of struggles and strength. She has a unique ability to translate that raw emotion into lyrics that speak to the heart.

Cynthia has sold out many southern California venues, including the Hard Rock and BB Kings in Hollywood, and Rusty’s and the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica. She was voted #1 on MP3 Country in 2001. Venice Magazine named her one of the rising stars in country music in 2001. She has an energy on stage that conveys her true character and a pure joy of what she is doing.

Cynthia’s local success has drawn the attention of producer, Peter Malick. Some of Peter’s latest credits include ‘New York City’ and ‘Chance and Circumstance’, both featuring Norah Jones. Peter produced the tracks on Cynthia’s latest CD. Cynthia’s brilliant voice, powerful performances and amazing energy are sure to make a significant impact on the Country Music industry.