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Tom Hanks, Ron Howard and Bryan Grazer join Sony in a great presentation

We are here...it is the first day and the booths are still being arranged.  We attend the

Sony Press Party and soon we will have footage online from that special event.


2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES®), the world's largest consumer

technology tradeshow, running January 5 - 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. DTV and related

 products are prevalent throughout the 1.6 million square feet of show floor space.

Exhibitors are showcasing the world's largest flat panel displays, next generation DTV

products, technologies to enable consumers to view HDTV on the go and a host of

other new products and technologies. Besides the show floor with over 2,500 exhibits,

DTV will be a hot topic of multiple conference sessions.


Internet giants Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft are set to dominate the 2006 Consumer

Electronics Show (CES), which takes place in Las Vegas every year at the beginning

of January.


Terry Semel, chairman and CEO of Yahoo, and Larry Page, cofounder and president

of Google, are delivering keynote speeches along with Microsoft chairman Bill Gates

and Sir Howard Stringer, chairman and CEO of Sony.




The International Consumer Electronics Show, which opens this week in Las Vegas, has always been about the gadgets.

The VCR and DVD players were introduced at CES. Early satellite radio systems were showcased in small, hidden booths there just a few years ago. And it's where Microsoft Corp.'s Bill Gates gave us our first peek at a video-game console called Xbox.

Now, the show -- much like the industry it represents -- is adapting to a world in which technology is about more than just the device. What's equally important is the data -- whether it's streaming music or digital photos -- and the means through which we get that data, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and digital broadcasts.

In some ways, it's a new show -- grabbing, for the first time, the undivided attention of those who have nothing to do with the gadgets but play influential roles in the future of the industry.



Motorola Rocks the House...and the Car...and the Mobile Phone...Rolls Out iRadio® Service

Award-winning service incorporates portability, acquisition and discovery of music, debuts with 435 commercial-free channels

LAS VEGAS – 3 Jan 2006 – Motorola, Inc
revolutionizes radio with the public introduction of the award-winning Motorola iRadio®, a

subscription music service that seamlessly moves from home, to car stereo, to wireless headphones -- powered from the one device

you’re never without: your mobile handset.

Motorola iRadio is initially launching with 435 commercial-free radio channels, already one of the widest selections of subscription

music entertainment available. The service’s unique delivery platform enables it to bring content portability together with acquisition

and discovery of music. This creates a powerful new medium for artists and labels to directly connect with fans, and for wireless

 service providers to deepen relationships with subscribers.

Trade groups representing the recording and motion picture industries are making their first major

 appearances here this year.  Web giants Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. have reserved space on the

main convention center floor and are sending executives to make speeches, stealing some of the

buzz that had generally generated around Microsoft's booth and Gates's pre-show presentation.

And it's the next DVD standard -- Blu-ray or HD-DVD -- that seems to be generating the most buzz.


"Something happened with the show this year," said Gary Shapiro, president and chief executive

 of the Consumer Electronics Association, which hosts the show that he refers to as "the digital



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MOVIES MAY HIT DVD AND CABLE SIMULTANEOUSLY...Cable companies and major movie

studios are considering strategies to release movies through video-on-demand cable services the same day they come out on DVD...

Such a move would be a major shift in the way Hollywood distributes movies.  Media companies are scrabbling for ways to deliver

entertainment move quickly.



This year 2006 will be the year that high-definition television outsells analog TV set units, forcasts the CEA.  According to sales

projections issued yesterday by CEA, HDTV sets will outsell analog sets by 89% in 06, reaching total unit sales of 15.9 million

and contributin to over $23 billion in total DTV revenue.


CEA also reported that growth of DTV sales grew 60 percent to $17 billion in 2005. CEA attributed DTV sales growth to the

growing popularity and competitive price declines of flat panel displays such as LCD and plasma. Combined, these displays

accounted for 40 percent of all DTV sales by dollar. Analog and digital LCD TVs combined for $3 billion and four million units.

 Plasma TVs sold nearly two million units for a total of 4 billion in dollar sales.




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