Yahoo is going Multimedia 2006


Movie stars continue to grace the stages of CES, again we see how

the entertainment industry and the electronic industry are in a huge

merger...the other big presence at CES is Internet companies...Tom

Cruise joins Terry Semel CEO of Yahoo to talk about the transition

that we are seeing of Movies going online...Ellen helps Terry bring

Yahoo's new presentations to life with early morning keynote laughs.


Tom Cruise and Terry Semel

"After attending 4 years of CES, I could see the past two years the movie and music

industry was part of a great convergence and would change everything in Hollywood."

Benford Standley


Tom Cruise

Ellen Degeneres

To help Yahoo introduce how they are jumping out of the PC.  Yahoo has announced

a set of popular Yahoo tools--including movie listings, trailers and online music--for television.  It's free though it requires the TV be hooked up to a PC running Microsoft's Windows CP or Media Center operating system.  The service will also be available to

cell phone users with data connection.  They'll be able to use tools such as e-mail,

photo sharing, weather and traffic, also free.


It's the most natural thing in the world," says Yahoo CEO Terry Semel. "It's about a connected life--how we take the information we store online and use on any device...

We think the Internet isn't a Web page or a destination for the PC anymore.

I got to meet Mr. Semel and we had a talk about some future ideas that the and Yahoo might team up on...looking back we have co-produced

two great webcasts with  I have always thought they were

on the cutting edge...especially when they were so smart to acquire Mark Cuban's  I did a interview with Cuban's HDTV while in Vegas they ask me

about my thoughts on CES 06.



Come back for more news on the Internet presence at

this years CES...a buzz word was INTERNET...Yahoo and Google...

and the will continute to follow the tracks laid at CES's Stevie Wonder at Monster Cable Party we

only got a few shots from the back...hard to get coverage.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini story coming next week



Google and Yahoo's emergence as major players at the world's largest technology trade show coincides with a convergence

movement throughout the industry. By expanding their plans to include video and mobile services, Google and Yahoo are putting

 themselves in a league with consumer technology heavyweights such as Microsoft, Apple, Sony and Intel in the race to deliver

digital media content via the Internet.


George Thorogood

We always enjoy the music at the Gibson Tent...

come back for more pics and Gibson news

XM Radio announces a Bob Dylan show...we are

going into talks with XM Radio for a KUD Radio

Show of our own...stay tuned to



Come back for the next few weeks and see our coverage of how the

entertainment business has moved to CES...we will show you some

of the great new inventions and technology that is changing the face

of the entertainment business NOW and even more in the FUTURE.


With the star power at CES and the applications being presented by

most major companies are taking the consumer to the next phase of

the technology paradigm shift and the new relationship of entertain-

ment and the CES event is very exciting.  Now CONTENT IS KING!!!


CES 2014

CD and DVD duplicating towers

Tom Hanks & more Celebs



Vince Neil from Motley Crew talks to XM about

their upcoming dates with the Rolling Stones

Steven Tyler and Craig Barrett from Intel

The girls of CES


We must point out the beauty that abounds CES...the beautiful girls that represent

many of the great electronic companies is a welcome sight and feeling at CES...

seems only two years ago 90% of CES was geeks, nerds, men and more men...

like the way entertainment has entered into the show...the beautiful women is

evident throughout the 2006 show in Las Vegas this year...



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Tom Hanks & more Celebs