Bill Gates kicks off CES with his Keynote


las vegas 2007

Gary Shapiro, CEO of CES


Graham Nash and Skunk Baxter from the

Doobie Bros at the SpectronIQ party


Microsoft is rolling out a new generation of products that connect cars, game consoles and its new

operating system to high-tech gadgets.   Sunday night, the software giant showed off wireless technology that

delivers cellphone and e-mail service to Ford cars, never-before-seen features of its Windows Vista OS and an enhanced version of Xbox 360.


"As everything is more connected, the user is in more control every year," Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said in a phone interview Sunday. "And we want to give them more tools to do that."  Gates spoke hours before he was to deliver the opening speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Gates' speech is like a State of the

Union address on Microsoft's consumer strategy.


According to Gates and a preview of the speech provided by Microsoft, the talk's theme was "Connected

Experiences." The speech opens with a treatise on how consumer-electronics gadgets — be they TV, game

consoles or music players — can fit together and how their content can be delivered to PCs, cellphones —





John Hiatt at the

Klipsch Group Party

Check out the goings on at the Gibson Tent...


At the DIRECT TV Press Conference Program Director Eric Shanks tell about some of the

exciting new original programming and associations with other networks and channels...


Get behind the scenes and behind the wheel at every NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series™ points

race of 2007 and the NEXTEL All-Star Challenge. See a total of 37 races in all from

February 18th through November 18th 2007.


Monster Media, the leading provider of patented interactive advertising systems, launched a large interactive display today at CES in Las Vegas . The MonsterVision system is projecting an interactive ad, approximately 9' by 30' in size, on a wall outside the entrance to Central Hall (entering from

the Grand Lobby) across from booth #9405. The ad interacts with people as they walk by the image.


MonsterVision's interactive advertising system uses patented visual display technology to captivate and enthrall audiences around the country. By displaying a large dynamic image, MonsterVision delivers effective advertising and branding messages in some of the advertising industry's most

highly desirable venues, including high-traffic tradeshows such as CES . These oversized images splash across walls, screens and even buildings and invoke everyone who passes by to become a

part of the projected brand message. Consumers are able to physically interact with the advertisements using body movements across the projected image

Noel Lee, CEO of Monster with Members of Three Doors Down

and Gary Shapiro, CEO of CES at the Monster Awards show just

before George Benson and Al Jaareau rock the night away...


Les Moonves CBS President


CBS President Les Moonves was one of the many media experts at CES...where media

meets the electronic Industry...


It was reported that a year ago, CBS President Leslie Moonves came to the Consumer Electronics Show to

trumpet CBS' new video alliance with Google.  Mr. Moonves is a keynote speaker, and we are seeing more

 this year how Hollywood has paid a visit to CES...about time you might say...


Now, the network giant has similar deals with Yahoo, Amazon, Apple and Comcast — all of them letting

consumers watch reruns of hit TV shows whenever they want and where they want. And Moonves is back

 in Las Vegas to address attendees at this year's CES, in a major speech touting the happy meeting of old

media and new technology.


"We used to think of CES as this cool place with all this technology," says Moonves.  "Little did we realize

that much of our future is based on this technology. So much has changed."


Moonves said content owners like CBS should take heed of the example set by the music industry, which failed to embrace the desire of users to get content on the Internet. Rather than get left behind, he said, CBS is trying to stay at the forefront. He praised Sling Media for having "great consideration for the content owner," in this case, his own company, in bringing its Clip + Sling content to market.

Electronics revenue estimated at

$155B for 2007

Factory-to-dealer sales of consumer electronics

devices are estimated to grow 7% in 2007, exce

eding $155 billion, according to a report released

as the International CES kicked off in Vegas. "One

of the biggest drivers of both the audio and port-

able entertainment markets is the MP3 player,"

especially now that many consumers are seeking

to replace their first-generation models, said Todd Thibodeaux, CEA's SVP of industry relations

XM had some great talent stop by...

The one and only Quincy Jones at XM booth

see some more pics of Quincy


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