Let us show you one of the places we see TV, Video and DVD headed...to a HOME THEATER near you...


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As usual, gadgets got smaller and adopted more interactive features. Flat-screen televisions became thinner and bigger, with Panasonic taking

home the prize for its 150-inch screen. Some TV sets started connecting to the Internet, at least in part, to supply information and entertainment

from the Web.


The biggest challenge will be in the sale of LCD TVs, which account for more than 80% of the total flat-panel global market. (Industry officials estimate the total market will be between 110 million and 115 million sets in 2008, up nearly 30% from last year.) LG's target is to double its LCD TV sales, to 14 million units this year, from 7 million in 2007. "LG doesn't have [the] brand clout of its Japanese rivals," says Harrison Cho, electronics analyst at Seoul-based Mirae Asset Securities. "Such an enormous volume expansion isn't realistic." Cho forecasts LG's LCD TV sales at between 10 million and 12 million sets.

A big part of the Home Theater revolution is the incredible lines of projectors...High Definition Projectors from Epson, featuring 3LCD

technology to deliver high-definition 16:9 images with no risk of color break up.  3 chip optical engine up to 1,600 ANSI lumens for

brightness levels, ten bit color processing and more...

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Companies are making chairs for home entertainment systems, special rooms are designed as small theaters in the home...custom

screens are made for homes, special walls become movie screens...if you want to see more on this new movement in entertainment


In the battle for new features, digital technology allows LG and rivals like Sony, Samsung Electronics, and Sharp to fight to a draw. So, in a world awash with digital and high-definition TVs boasting super picture quality, LG executives believe striving for technological superiority won't win consumer hearts. "In the TV market, design will be a critical differentiator this year," says Simon Kang, president in charge of LG's digital display unit.

That's why at the just ended annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the Seoul company unveiled a pair of sleek TVs that it hopes will be game changers. With the help of the two innovatively designed models, one using a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and the other a plasma panel, LG aims to boost its flat-panel television sales to 17 million sets in 2008, up nearly 90% from 9 million last year.


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