Sirius Radio brings some of the music to CES

the bangles

The Bangles

The new era of entertainment is much based on the broadband and
wireless and digital worlds.  Entertainment can come from anywhere now direct to the individual player, auto,
or home theater.  The DSL and cable-modem revolutions is growing with a fifth of American homes having
high-speed, always on Internet access.  Estimates run that now 23 million households are on broadband.
The trends of digital media, the home theater phenomenon, broadband, portable players and some other
movements in electronics and entertainment is going to make for a revolutionary and exciting year in the
entertainment business.  In the long run the artist and the content providors are going to have a great ride.
As the transition from the ole way that the music lables did business to the new forms of music delivery
comes right out of the garage...and content will begain to rein as KING...
The Bangles gave a great performance with some new and old song.  Of course the "Walked Like
An Egyptian."  They talked some about how excited they are at the music revolution taking place

Ricky Skaggs gave a great live show to the audience and was live on Sirius Radio.  The convention
hall where Sirius had their shows were packed.  It was for sure the place to be during the show.  The
crowds that gathered around the music were huge.  Every booth that we visited seemed to have some
new music player, recorder or something that was entertainment related.


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Another revolution that was being seen at the show was High-Definition TV.  Over one thousand digital terrestrial TV stations are broadcasting HDTV signals, operating in more than 200 local markets.  More than 80% of consumer homes are reached by at least five digital terrestrial signals.  More than 50 percent of TV households have eight, or more, local digital TV signals available.  By the end of 2007, it is expected that about 6 million households will be watching HDTV broadcasts from an antenna, while another 30 million will be using either digital Cable TV or satellite-delivered HDTV services.

What can we say beyond  LYNYRD SKYNYRDD


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CES 2004

Gibson Celebs

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