The music and the girls at CES
Sirius Satellite Radio did a great job 
not only bringing, but showing us some 
of the ways that music can now be de-
livered to the world wireless.  During the
convention they brought acts like Buddy
Guy, LeAnn Rimes, Lynyrd Skynyrd,
Ricky Skaggs and others to their booth
stage, where they were  broadcasting
live on the radio with the live perfom-
ances.  Satellie Radio is another great

Music legend Buddy Guy is interviewed 
on Sirius Satellite Radio

Buddy Guy, one of the greats!!!!!!



Buddy Guy

Steve Van Zandt from E Street Band

A new movement of technology is Wi-Fi hot wireless access points, or Wi-Fi Hot Spots, which are wireless access points to connect speedily to the Web from outside the home or office.  People are streaming into hot spots in airports lounges, hotel lobbies, coffee shops and other venues to tap into Wi-Fi's broadband signals.  T-Mobil reports that its total number of monthly

user sessions jumped 430% .  Hot-spot use promises to keep growing exponentially as new, inexpensive access locations continue to pop up in conventional places. Borders, Starbucks, Kinko's and Barnes & Noble have struck deals to turn their

outlets into friendly Wi-Fi zones.

The one and only LeAnn Rimes

Besides personal mobil devices, entertainment in your cars and other mergers of entertainment and the electronic industry the
"digital home" was shown by many companies.  Paul Otellini, president of Intel talked about some of his visions.  "We have a
vision of the digital home where consumers can enjoy digital content--movies, music, photos, games and communication--
anytime, anywhere and on any device.  We believe that new products, technology trends and key standards are coming together
to make this vision a reality.  Content also is going digital.  The NFL is digitizing 80 years of football footage and the BBC is
digitizing all of its video archives.  There also are new online music vendors, such as Napster 2.0, Rhapsody, and Radio@AOL,
while MovieLink is offering online digital video services. Home computing networks are expected to double by 2006, and the
number of U.S. broadband households will grow from 17 million plus today to over 50 million by 2007."

Trace Adkins, country superstar tells some stories...
Digital Living is here.  We saw no tape, no film, no VHS, Beta or any of those formats from the CES.  No cassette players...they have all gone the way of the 8 track, as they say.  Digital and Wireless is the order of the new day in entertainment.  Some months back George Lucas said, "I believe I will never do another film...on film."  DVD Recorders will see huge growth with the number of companies now manufacturing them, with prices coming down.  In-Stat/MDR expects two million unites to ship in the US in 2004.  In 2005 DVD recorder sales will begin cannibalizing DVD player sales.  Windows Media Video and H.264 are alternate means of video compression that may be used with the courrent DVD recorder red laser
technology to record HD programming.
the girls of ces


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We love to meet and take pics of the girls that help promote in the booths at CES.  Sorry not time to take their names,
but you can for sure come back next year and meet some of them.  Next year the plans to webcast
live from the floor and have some chats with various stars and industry leaders at the show

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