takes you on a Magical Flashback at the Magic Castle in Hollywood

Host Jeff  Hobson

Penn and Teller as they
stand here Teller and Penn

Dom Delouis   Lamb Chop and
Mallory Lewis


Irene Larsen & Richard Ross


Richard Ross & Shimada


Ayala and assistant






Sara Karloff and   Bela Lugosi, Jr.

Dianna Zimmerman

Carol Roy on right

Darren Romeo


The Amazing Jonathan and
Playboy Bunnies Angela & Julie


Founder, Milt Larsen, Arleen Larson left
Monte and Jeanne Smith
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The World Greatest Magician
 Carl  Ballantine


Jeanine, Cindy and Kate

Producer Mark Nelson, Julie McCullouch
Don Adams and Shayla

Producer Mark Nelson 
    &  Cindy Freeling

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