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The StudioClub attended the LightDancer Showcase experiencing first-hand the LightDancer, during the Showcase evening we had an opportunity to enjoy other media experiences including 3dMaxMedia Zuma demos in true stereoscopic 3D. We shared a glimpse of the forthcoming Laserium Cyberdome, and a special performance by Mobius8/John Laraio playing his renowned Hydra instrument, the world's premiere free space controller for professional on-stage immersive multimedia performance.
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John Lario performing Mobius8
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John Gibbon, FreeSpace 
pioneer, and Erin

Music Crystal

John Lario answers questions

Laserium's Founder Ivan Dryer (brn shirt)

Paul Holman and Merlin 
two visual media pioneers

Rik Henderson, Barbara Clark, Tina and Craig

StudioClub loves light

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Luminary master of interactive music and light: Jimmy Hotz

David Clark, Chief Wizard LightDancer
 , who has led the engineering team 
for the past decade

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LightDancer is a full-body, non-contact, no-mistake, FreeSpace-Interactive music and visual media instrument.
LightDancer lets you express your vision with live-interactive 3D computer animation, shown in large-format
video projection, using 3dMaxMedia "Zuma"

Zuma is a revolutionary new 3d Real-time Visualizer for music and meditation. Now you can enjoy and
re-create your own Interactive Music Videos that respond to the music of your favorite mp3's and
cd's in real-time, automatically. You can even Jam-along Visually with the music in full 3d with real-time
mouse and keyboard effects. You will have dozens of cool scenes, models and textures to get you started.
With Zuma's real-time Power Editing capabilities you will be able to make your own unique creations.

We saw Rik Henderson present the very exciting 3dMaxMedia Zuma visuals.  The very stunning stereo-
scopic 3D scenes with 3D glasses was some great "eye candy" that has been used by YES, N'SINC and
MOBIUS8 on their concert tours for live on-stage visuals.  There are some very exciting applications that
can be seen using this new technology.

We also enjoyed a presentation by Laserium's Founder Ivan Dryer about the forthcoming Laserium
Cyberdome venue in Hollywood to soon be announced. 
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FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:  David Clark FreeSpace  Interactive Magic 661-297-3799