Phish break up...we look back at a show
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Rasta Horizontal Rule

So they have never had a number one album and they are
not really heard on the radio and you won't see them on MTV.
Yet they are selling out facilites with more tickets sales than
folks like The Boss and the Backstreet Boys.  Called a "jam
band" they have been able to get a following not unlike the
"deadheads" that followed the Grateful Dead.  In fact, many
of those in the audience and parking lots on Shake Down
Street are deadheads. 

Phish does not use a set list and are said to just play songs
based on the "vibe" from the crowd.  And being witness to
a show, I must say the go beyond the Dead with a light show
that could be "almost" compared to Pink Floyd's...

The Phish heads are now a tribe and travel the country and
set up in the parking lots and sell crystals, beer, grilled
cheeze to much of the hippie gear that will take you back
to days gone by...

Rasta Horizontal Rule
The Band
Mike Gordon
Page McConnell
Jon Fishman
Phish formed in Vermont in1983, their record
label is Elektra, there message is simple and
about love, peace and fun.  We are glad they
are keeping those feeling alive in music!!!!!!!

yo Bryan
Rasta Horizontal Rule

We are talking free enterprise here on shake down the freedom of it all!!!

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