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Back when Jerry Jeff Walker was living in in Los Angeles,
about the time he did Guy Clark's "L.A. Freeway," somebody
asked him when he was thinking of leaving L.A. if he was
going back to Texas?  Jerry Jeff said, "No, think I will
move back to Austin."   The StudioClub is proud to open
the Austin, Texas page with our old friend Gary P. Nunn
and a few other buddies of West Productions.  We have
some great roots in that town, and I think that you
will enjoy to slant we bring you on




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Jack Ingram

Gary P. Nunn was designated Official Ambassador to the World
by Texas Governor Mark White in 1985, who proposed that the
song "London Homesick Blues" a.k.a. "Home with the Armadillo"
become the Official State Song of Texas! The tune, written while
stranded and broke in London in 1973, and recorded "live" at
Luckenbach, TX., first appeared on "Viva Terlingua" the million
selling LP by Jerry Jeff Walker that was described as the
"quintessential progressive country record" by Time magazine. It
was chosen by Austin City Limits, the popular PBS country music
series, as its theme song. It has become a classic and has
entered into the Texas folklore along with "San Antonio Rose,"
 "The Yellow Rose of Texas" and "Waltz Across Texas," according
to the Texas Book of Lists. In the meantime, "What I Like About
Texas," another Gary P. Nunn composition, commissioned
originally by the Lone Star Brewery for an advertising campaign,
has caught up with it in popularity among texophiles worldwide.
Gary P. Nunn is indeed an official ambassador for Texas music 
to the world!  Visit the Jeepster at:

music mall

Jerry Jeff and Gary at Luckenbach Texas
Bob Livingston, Gary P. Nunn and Jerry Jeff Walker

Now we are talking Gonzo here

d See our Texas Models





Jerry Jeff at the Cactus pic
is by Norma DeWitt check out her site
Whiskey River Saloon
Jerry Jeff Walker: Gypsy Songman, 
Jerry Jeff's autobiography is out

 "Jerry Jeff has bounced in and out of my life
like the Mad Hatter on the way to the tea party. 
On some of our misadventures there were 
people we encountered who surely would 
have been justified in having both our heads. 
I am glad we lived through it, and now  Jerry 
Jeff's fans can read - at a safe distance - the 
tales of the gypsy song man."

Jimmy Buffett
Assistant mechanic for the Flying Lady

We can not tell the history of the Texas
music scene without talking about 
these two cowboys.  Individually and
as part of the Lost Gonzo Band, Jerry
Jeff Walker and Gary P. Nunn along 
some cosmic cowboys like Michael
Martin Murphy, Ray Willey Hubbard,
Rusty Weir, Asleep at the Wheel,
Robert Earl Keen, Butch Handcock,
Nancy Griffin, Joe Ely, not to mention
when Willie Nelson moved to town,
and add Lyle Lovett, Junior Brown and...
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Bobby Bridger, great grand nephew of famous

mountain man Jim Bridger began work
on A Ballad of the West over three decades
ago.  For a quarter of a century he has traveled 
the globe performing this historical epic as a 
one-man show to audiences all over the world. 

Please take a trip and click over and pay visit to 
Mr. Bridgers's website and see one of the most 
creative talents to grow out of the Austin, Texas

experience.  Stop by his Cyberlodge by clicking 
on his picture to the right.

The Flatlanders


Bobby Bridger

Joe Ely


Nanci Griffith is one my very favorite
people that I was fortunate to hang with
while I was home with the Armadillos.


Junior Brown

Leon Russell

Joe Ely

LA Night

Rosie Flores & West Multimedia presents


American Historic Society

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back to the

Then in 1972 Willie played the Armadillo World Headquarters

and nothing in Austin, Texas or Country Music was ever the

same and we thank God and Willie and Abbot Texas...

click Willie Nelson to see him get the B.B. Kink Blues Award

What can we say about this Outlaw.
click his CD cover and check out his Website
and get information on FARM AID
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Country Stage

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