Steven Stills

Sarah Martin

Elliot Easton 

Past ProJam performers include: Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Prince, Sting, Katey Sagal, Don Henley,
Mellisa Etheridge, Stevie Wonder, Slash, Paul Reiser, Ricki Lee Jones, David Bowie, Wayne Newton,
B.B. King, Woody Harrelson, Pete Townsend, Herbie Hancock, Bruce Willis, Steve Winwood,  Mick
Fleetwood, Chaka Khan, Billy Idol and many many more: You never know who will get on the ProJam
stage or be in the audience! THIS WAS TRULY IS THE BEST LIVE MUSIC IN LA

Gary Busey

John Beland from Rick Nelson's
Stone Canyon Band & member of
the great Flying Burrito Brothers 

May 2nd at Projam was HOT HOT,  with
Christie Baeuerle, then Kandace Lindsey
took to the stage...what a night!!!!!!
Image by

lead singer of The Temptations



Lenny Kayzelberg (Two Olympic Gold 
Metals/Sydney 2000) on rt  Brent Harvey 
(KBH Ent. & LA Music Awards producer) 

Gavin Christopher  (Rufus/ Tower of Power
& Ollie Woodson  (The Temptations)

             The Allstars jammin'

Ted Andreadis (Guns&Roses, 
Alice Cooper, Slash & Carol King

Maureena  and Yvonne Green
in the middle is founding member of
the world famous Diamonds
Dave Somerville


(AK) Allan Kaufman 

   Marcus of  Ziroq

Image by


Erin and Tamela

Gavin Christopher
(Rufus/ Tower of Power)
As stated in our previous communique, every Wednesday has become a singular, proprietary,
can't-miss event.  With Icons like STEVEN STILLS, DWIGHT YOAKUM, DENNIS
QUAID, BILLY PRESTON, EDGAR WINTER and JIM BELUSHI in the last few weeks alone!

Brett,  Jam Host

Brett and Kathy


Mitch Perry
Edgar Winter's band

Models Actress Stage

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Punkin' and friends


Brent and Bob Massey

Steve &  Liisa Lee

Past ProJam performers include: Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Dwight Yoakum, Sting, Katey
Sagal, Don Henley, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Slash, Bonnie Raitt , David Bowie, B.B. King,
Wayne Newton, Woody Harrelson, Pete Townsend, Ricki Lee Jones, Herbie Hancock, Stevie
Winwood, Bruce Willis, Chaka Khan, Tom Jones, Billy Idol, Mick Fleetwood, Melissa Etheridge,
Smokey Robinson and more.

Joey Butafuco with 
Smokey Miles

Lorraine on the right
find her on link page



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