Pioneer Troubadour Ramblin' Jack Elliott
stops by Willie Nelson's 4th in Fort Worth, Texas

Stay tuned to see more of the Pioneer Troubadour
project and some other road trips with Ramblin' Jack.
Willie, Haggard, Clapton, Kristofferson, Jackson 
Browne and other Pioneer Troubadours



photo by Amanda Pearcy

Willie Nelson, Buffalo Benford and Ramblin' Jack Elliott
talking about the Pioneer Troubadour Project


photo by Amanda Pearcy

Ramblin' Jack and Mamie, Mickey Newbury's mother

photo by Amanda Pearcy

Willie and Kris were very excited to talk with  Ramblin' J

photo by Amanda Pearcy

Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Cowboy Jack
photo by Amanda Pearcy

Cowboy Jack and Ramblin' Jack
photo by Amanda Pearcy
Cross Canadian Ragweed rock!!!!!!

Music for all your needs

Monik model & Paul
English, Willie's friend and drummer
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Eric Clapton and Mr. Elliott


music mall

Merle Haggard at Crazy Horse Saloon

Merle's UFO Festival Flashback


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