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Jack Tempchin has released his new CD



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I have been a fan of this great songwriter and showman for many moons...from his songs like "Peaceful Easy Feeling", "Already

Gone" cut by the Eagles, which speaking of these ole boys, Jack has two singles "It's Your World Now" and "Somebody" on the

Eagles new LONG ROAD OUT OF EDEN...and just listen to Jack's "East of Eden" on his new SONGS the link

above and buy the CD, and have no doubt you will want to listen to it again, as soon as the first time you give it a spin...I hear some

Dire Straits meets the Eagles...not to compare, but got to somehow explain how good this is...the band and vocals is just

hot as the "Out In The Desert", which is the first cut on the CD.

See Jack at

Hollywood County Line


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Find Jack's CD at iTunes

Peter Fonda gives Jack a birthday lick


Some time back we had

some fun Monday nights

when Jack had a birthday

party at the Joint each CD

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