Merle Haggard plays the Crazy Horse 
in Los Angeles, California and we 
are backstage shooting the fun for 
you and a documentary on Lefty
Frizzell and Jimmie Rodgers...

stay tuned for more

Two greats...Freddy Powers and Merle Haggard


Norm Stephens, Freddy Powers and the Hagg

Great to see ole pal of Willie's and a

favorite songwriter of many...Freddy Powers

Scott Joss

Beautiful Hag fans

Don Markham

Norm Stephens played guitar for the late and
great Lefty Frizzell now tours with the Hagg
Check out Norm at

Wow...them pretty Crazy Horse gals
Click to Buck & Merle
at the Crazy Horse 2 page

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Merle in Wheeling W VA
with Slim Bryant


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