Paul Schwartz Bio

Paul’s passion for the creative business of music and entertainment is the catalyst for M2P’s creation and its future success in multimedia production and distribution.

Born in Philadelphia on July 11, 1953, Paul put this passion on active display from an early age. As a teenager, he ran a print shop and started a 9-piece band called “Dandelion Wine”. The band members met while performing with the All Philadelphia Jazz Ensemble and All Philadelphia Orchestra, and Paul’s experiences with the band laid the foundation for the practical team-building skills that would serve him so well in the future.

In 1984, Paul built Studio 56 and formed 56 Entertainment. The first album born in his studio was the number one single “Flirt” by Evelyn King. Encouraged by this and other early successes and needing to expand, Paul moved the 56 Entertainment, Studio 56, and the Humble Abode Publishing Companies to 7000 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood, the site of the historic Radio Recorders facility. This multimedia complex has, from 1985 until now, been the creative incubator of forty platinum records by such artists as Guns ‘N’ Roses, Toni Braxton, R. Kelly, Brandy, Timbaland, Carol King, Ringo Starr, Taj Mahal, Sugar Ray, Boyz II Men, Johnny Cash, Tim McGraw, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Gladys Knight, and Bone Thugs in Harmony.

Studio 56 has also been an outlet for Paul’s social consciousness and his desire to mentor and nurture the creative talents of young people by providing them a stage for personal expression and growth. Studio 56 donated facilities and time every Monday night over a two-year period to the inner-city mentoring program Assembles in Motion (AIM). AIM, supported by the joint visions and efforts of Paul and founder Leila Steinberg, was designed to help talented youth participants express themselves through art and spread their powerful, positive messages as community leaders.

With the birth of M2P, Paul’s goal is to take his talents and the expertise gained over the course of his career in the entertainment business to the next level—using the power and the reach of today’s multimedia world to empower through entertainment, and serving as a dynamic, multi-faceted staging point for today’s forces of creativity.