Hollywood's Rockwalk    
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In the early eighties, millions flocked to Hollywood to pay homage to its rich television and
film history, while no one had taken the time to honor the industry and individuals that were
on the cutting edge of changing the face of America. Everyone had forgotten the music.

In November of 1985, the void that the city of Hollywood had neglected for so many
years, was finally filled by immortalizing those individuals and groups who had helped
change the face of 20th Century music by creating Hollywood's RockWalk®. 


Hollywood's Rockwalk is the only sidewalk gallery dedicated to honoring those artists who

have made a significant contribution to the evolution of Rock 'n Roll.  Artist such as, BB
King, George Martin, Johnny Cash, James Brown, Carl
Perkins, Bonnie Raitt, John Lee

Hooker, Brian Wilson, Los Lobos, Carlos Santana, Kiss, Aerosmith and others are
honored.  Stay tuned to the StudioClub for our coverage of
these events.





Lou Adler

Herb Albert, Lou Adler, Michele Phillips & Jack

Dave Weiderman, Director
"The RockWalk is not about popularity. It's
about influence; how many musicians you
influenced, not how many records you sold."

The Black Crowes


The Animals

Def Leppard

Joe Elliot of 
Def Leppard

Jimmie Vaughan 
Steve Vai

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