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The Flatlanders

Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock

Flatlanders in Lampasas, Texas



The is proud to say we know all three of these Lubbock, Texas boys, and each on their
own is a Texas legend.  When these three old friends get together the music is so unique.  Has that feeling
of the Highwaymen (Kristofferson, Nelson, Cash and Jennings, God rest his soul) when they used to get
together.  Stay tuned to the Austin, Texas page where we will keep you posted on when and where these
guys are playing.  We are all good they saw Lubbock in their review mirrow and came to Austin, Texas.
Click the boys to see them at the Troubadour in Hollywood, California

Joe Ely

Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Butch Handcock
The three primary Flatlanders -- Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely, and Butch
Hancock -- have developed such distinct voices as both singers and
songwriters in the 30 years since they first formed a group that their reunion
could've ended up less satisfying than a new disc from any one of them.
However, their performances on Now Again exhibit a familiarity and good-
humored camaraderie that couldn't have been expressed by any solo 

The songs, nearly all written as collaborations, include honky-tonkers
("Wavin' My Heart Goodbye"), rockers ("I Thought the Wreck Was Over"), 
and old-fashioned folk tunes ("Down on Filbert's Rise"). There's such glee
in their voices when they sing the surreal  "Down in the Light of the Melon

 Moon" or  "Pay the Alligator" -- which sounds like a twangy version of an 
old Coasters tune -- that one can only hope they're serious when they sing 
in one song,  "It feels so good I might be right where I belong." Here's 
hoping it won't take another 30 years to get a third Flatlanders album 
out.  A version of this review appeared originally in USA Today.

Brian Mansfield CDNOW Senior Editor, Country

Click the band to go see their performance at the
World Famous Troubadour in Hollywood, California


More A Legend Than A Band 

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Kimiko Tokita works with Flatlander's
company and Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Normally, that would have been that, but by the end of the '70s, Ely and Hancock were cult heroes, thanks to their respective solo albums, and Gilmore, who had written several  songs for both of them but had retired from performing while he was studying with the guru Maharaji, was

one of the hippest names for Texas music fans to drop. In the mid-'80s, Gilmore returned to performing in his adopted hometown of Austin,

and there was even a brief Flatlanders reunion at the Kerrville Folk Festival in the late '80s. In 1990, after a couple of partial reissues of the Flatlanders' material, Rounder Records released.   More a Legend Than a Band, which reissued the original Jimmie Dale and the
Flatlanders album, minus the covers "Hello Stranger" and "Waiting for a Train," replacing them with four previously unreleased tracks recorded

during the same sessions.  Almost ten years later, the group reunited to perform a track for The Horse Whisperer soundtrack album. They

enjoyed their reuinion so much that they continued to perform together, eventually putting the Now Again album together in 2002.

Taken from Bio's on CDnow.


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