The Flatlanders
Lubbock, Texas boys via the music business through
Austin and Kerrville Texas...when The Flatlanders 
came to the World Famous Troubadour in Hollywood
they brought back the ole fell of the Troub, when Linda
Rondstat, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, Kristofferson
and Rita Coolidge were doing the joint...what a show!

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Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely & Butch Hancock



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music mall

music mall

(rt) Cisco LA musician

Kimiko Tokita works with the Flatlander's
management company and Jimmie Dale

Flatlanders in Lampasas, Texas

Lubbock, a smallish college town in the middle of the cotton-growing flatlands of the west  Texas panhandle, is both a fiercely traditional

bastion of conservative values and, thanks to the surprisingly good liberal arts departments at Texas Tech University and a relative
lack of outside artistic influences, a place where creatively minded people can develop a unique and original style all their own. The

Flatlanders embody both sides of this dichotomy, which is what makes their music so endlessly fascinating. The group began in
1970, when school friends Hancock, Ely, and Gilmore all found themselves back in Lubbock after having spent time in San Francisco,

Europe, and Austin, respectively. The three musicians roomed together and began playing together, with various other local
musicians drifting in and out of the lineup until the group solidified with Gilmore on lead vocals, Ely and Hancock on guitar, non-musician

buddy Steve Wesson on autoharp and musical saw (both of which he learned for the express purpose of joining the group),  Tommy
Hancock (no relation) on fiddle, Sylvester Rice on upright bass, and Tony Pearson on mandolin.



Nashville Stage

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