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Cowbelles and Bunkhouse Boys dedicate these

pages to the Teen Canteen

in Hollywood, who have assisted

homeless and runaway youth

since 1983.  Click their logo and

give to their Wish List or give

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hollywood county line

Stay tuned for more productions from Buffalo Benford Productions, LLC...see more

of the late and great singing cowboy Buck Page, Travis Howard, Jeffery Steele and

others that have Rocked the Sunset down for more video fun...

Thanks you for stopping by the website, and if you attended our shows, thanks

for the help adding support to our special nights of the summer hootenannys,

where country music rocked the night on the sunset strip...stay tuned for

more concerts in other Hollywood locations, and our virtually live shows

from Radio Recorders and here at the virtual

Honky Tonk...stay tuned for HOLLYWOOD COUNTY LINE







Junior Brown

Joe Ely

Leon Russell





Taylor Swift

Louie Ortega

Jack Ingram


Terry Hansen

Rosie Flores and Louie Ortega

LA Country Night # 1

Sarah Cardenas

Joey Covington,



Jeffery Steele

Bunkhouse Band host Mark Sellers and Travis Howard

James Intveld




Adam Hood

Buck Page passed away a month after this show

Austin Hanks











Bunkhouse Boys and the Cowbelles


Country rocked the night


"So rock you can roll with it, so country you can step in it"...a Hollywood Hootenanny

Medicine Wagon and Wild West Show movin around the Hollywild...

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 Photographs are the property of Benford Standley