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lusia fernanda

Hostess Spokes-Model for the online Travel Series

donde esta luisa

Luisa is from Santa Fe de Antioquia and resides in

Medellin Columbia, South America.


Over the coming months come back and see where

Luisa's travels my take you throughout the Americas

From North, Central and South America to the magic

Caribbean Islands off the coast of Central America

Photo by Luisa

Photo by Luisa

Trail to the El Cinco Rio

CRA 10 # 9-19 @  Parque Principal

Great music playing, great food and Jimmy Buffett would approve

of the Margaritas and Hamburgers in paradise fit the bill...


Photos by Luisa

El Cinco Rio

Producer Buffalo Benford

Santa Fe de Antioquia hidden in the Andes Mountains.  As

a writer I'm in love with the artistic milieu that the town offers,

the escape to the creative side of the brain.  Coffee Cafes and

coffee to die for.  Duh!  It is Columbia!  Photos by Luisa

Vaqueros ride into town



Santa Fe de Antioquia 36 miles and/or 58 kilometers

North of Medellin with cobble stone streets, 400 year

old fountains, virtually no visible crime, no homeless

 people in the streets and with a deeply authentic artistic

creative vibe in the air, sweet and very kind people.

You can walk the town or catch a small motor taxi. 

Buses from Medellin for $5 to $10 US bucks.



Luisa will be found in


San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Malibu, California

Roatan Island, Honduras

Belize, Central America

Medellin, Columbia

Santa Fe & Taos, New Mexico

Grand Caymen Island

Las Vegas USA

Cusco, Peru


Several great craft markets around the town and things

at great prices, and just the walk through the town streets

you will see some of the coolest little tiendas (stores).



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